A derisory term used in the same way as rubbish or crap or bollocks
This coat of paint is utter tosh
by Jeremy Tripati-Eagle March 19, 2005
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Something that’s a load of shite
The Whitehaven academy is a load of tosh.
by Hana and connor September 11, 2022
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”You ever seen that show Tosh.0?“
”Yeah, I'm pretty sure that guy is Jesus”
by oAngryPOPTARTo July 23, 2011
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How West Africans say "touch"
Aunty bola: don't tosh my yam porridge
by wetin dey November 6, 2012
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An effeminate male with a scat fetish. Daniel ToshTosh.0gaychilli dog
That guy wearing bloomers and getting pooped on over there sure is a Tosh.
by Nathan Hate February 8, 2010
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a male who has rebellious tendencies, a spoil male, a child who is well loved, a fire child.
He just so Tosh, he does what he wants and gets away with it.
by Odette March 4, 2008
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awesome; nice or kind; generous; easy to piss off
Girl 1:He is so Tosh, I would love to date him.
Girl 2: Take a shot, he probably is going to say yes.
by MJW3 October 28, 2017
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