Used to describe someone who has contradictory actions to what is asked or expected of them.
Man, Rachael is so rebellious. She really hates that monkey.
by mr_chili October 1, 2014
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Complete badassodousness; Insanely cool; Imperect of rebel
Matt's so rebellious, he totally banged that chick.

Dude look at Chris Zeron, what a rebel, he got to 1st base with a guy, and yet, persists to mock others for being "gay"
by Matthew March 12, 2005
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the state of being naked
im completely rebellious right now
by Justin October 22, 2004
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A kid that didn't get any ass whippings growing up.
What made you so rebellious? Your mother wasn't there for every homework problem you wanted solved immediately? Or are you the rebel for the kicks?
by Solid Mantis February 6, 2018
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1) the idea of being rebellious
2) a word used by random people after someone gets a stripey bag instead of a plain black one, Clashes colours on purpose and generally tries to not fit in, yet somehow manages to make it cool.
1) "She said what!?!? Now that is full of rebelliousness."
2) "oh, I wish I was HER. She has soo much rebelliousness."
by Daniffer October 16, 2005
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People who do not care/follow about rules
Mike always do what he wants, he is REBELLIOUS
by Santiago SG May 14, 2018
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