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This is a difficult name to define because it defies many boundaries of human perception, let alone various languages. One of the closest translations that experts give is God or many other variations of that general idea.
Other definitions are thought to be:
The Great Spirit
Chuck Norris
Despite the fact that various names have been pinned to Daniel, its seems that all of the above examples (including that of God)cannot even withstand the magnitude of Daniel.
The reason this name continues to elude even the brightest of human minds is that the idea of Daniel cannot possibly exist in a dimensional state. Daniel is so powerful, it defies all laws of this or any other universe. Recent studies have shown that people who have attempted to comprehend this name have either disappeared, died spontaneously, or driven themselves into a pertinent state of insanity and/or catatonia. One common belief is that Daniel is possibly the grounds on which everything and nothing is based. It seems to surpass the idea of infinity. Quantum physicists report that this Daniel is Everything and Nothing. It or He is said to have unexplainable connections with the String and Superstring Theories as Daniel resonates within every single layer of the multi-dimensional complex and yet still exists beyond that point which is where scientists have lost the trail. Various theologists and spiritual leaders believe that Daniel is one who is, as they say, "The Answer". All attempts to understand this idea of Daniel have failed.
Daniel. Nothing else can describe him.
by aaaaghhh April 22, 2008
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The coolest and most awsome person you will ever meet! hes cute and funny. Hes the best friend/boy friend a girl could ever have!
by Gn_random1408 March 10, 2009
a guy you can always go to with any of your problems. he is sensitive and caring. he will try his hardest not to give up on you but sometimes he does. he's a good guy with the best personality. even when your upset with him he can still put i smile on your face. his love is unconditional. dont make mistakes with him, because he's strong enough to leave. he's a great singer and if you'll ask he mostly sings to you. he wants to be a musician. his ex girlfriend is amazing and crazy at the same time, but loves him with all her heart...he just wont realize that for a while intell she can prove it to him. his "silly" and happy. just dont brake his heart. any girl who wins his heart is the luckiest girl in the whole world.
i sure love daniel.

your jealous bitch! daniels mine :) haha
by jinkers willy April 15, 2009
Daniel is a fox. He doesn't just look like a fox, he doesn't just act like a fox, but he actually is a fox.
Daniel may also be described by words including gorgeous, sexy, amazing, incredible and the best one.
'Is that Daniel?'
'Yeah, he' such a fox.'
'Oh yeah, he's also gorgeous, sexy, amazing, incredible and the best one.'
by Elise Rosemary September 22, 2008
noun; an incredibly sweet, handsome, sexy man who can put a smile on your face with the greatest of ease. A Daniel has great strength of character and is an awesome friend who will always be by your side. He has an irresistible smile and the most beautiful eyes. A Daniel gives the best hugs in the world. He is a loving and caring boyfriend and the type of guy girls want to marry.
Girl 1: see that guy walking over there?
Girl 2: yeah...ooh he's know like a piece of that?
Girl 1: of course...that's Daniel, and he's all mine...don't even think about it. Hey baby!
Girl 2:...(awkward moment)
by poema September 20, 2009
someone who is nice funny kind loving sweet romantic really hot and just an amazing guy to be around. someone who always makes me feel so special and can make me smile even when im sad. he is someone i always want to be around. someone i am completely in love with and always will be and he has my heart forever. he is perfect in every way.
Daniel is perfect.
by zgirl324 June 29, 2009
word used for guys who confuse chicks beyond confuzzlement.
when a guy is reffered to as a daniel, he has probably confuzzled a chick by saying that he likes her, while he also likes another girl at the same time, and does nohing about the situation.
then he might go and post a cute,sweet comment somewhere, such as bebo, for the confuzzled girl. this leaves her even more confuzzled. he never talks to her again and leavs her as a mess for her bestfriend to clean up and fix!
he pulled a daniel on poor louise.
by .......? March 07, 2008
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