an anamalistic gorilla that's surprisingly intelligent
look at that Daniel throwing coat hangers
by Memer_69 November 11, 2019
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Daniel is a name given to many things but one of the most popular thing Daniel's are known for are being kind and sensitive people who would put themselves into harms way just to help and protect the people who are closest to him. Daniel's are also people who are willing to give out advice when they feel necessary, even if they aren't asked for it. Daniel's are also shy and can take a while to get open up but once they do they can be great friends who can be approached to for any reason and without judgement.
Wow, Daniel is so helpful and kind. He just knew what to say
by FriendHunter September 24, 2012
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He is funny and pretty random most of the time. People Think he is stupid but he isn't as dumb as you probably think. He's pretty goofy as can be. And all ways try's to be happy.
"Daniel is hungry," said my dad.
by Randomplayerdude December 31, 2015
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Daniel is the best guy any girl could meet. He's crazy, funny, caring, compassionate, loving, and a great listener. He's someone you could spill your heart out to and know he won't judge. He has a beautiful soul with a caring heart. He will never leave you're side and sing for you at any time of the night to see you smile. Cherish him.
Me: Daniel, do you love me?
Daniel: Baby, I promise to love you to the moon and back. With all my heart.
by Jackiebabyyy January 5, 2014
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That guy who just doesn’t miss. 1v1 him? He ain’t gonna miss. He’s just built different. Everyday the drip is real. He goes by the name of Corpbrosyt online. When someone sees his name they be like oh shit it’s him. Dammmnnnn Daniel. Also he has a pussywagon.
Yo that Daniel guy is gay for beating us in a 2v1 snipers on nuke town.

Nah he just don’t miss. He’s just built different
by Legends November 24, 2021
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Sexiest, most beautiful man to ever walk the Earth. Anyone who sees him instantly melts from his greatness. He's so muscular and intelligent that you can only wish to be him. He has a massive dong and can perform miracles with it. All people should bow down to him and worship his beauty.
Mandy: Oh look it's Daniel. He makes me so wet; I heard he has a huge cock!
Sidney: That's what I heard too!
by DrPhilbert January 16, 2013
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A guy who is super confident in almost everything he does. He has his own unique personality, that comes with a funny sense of humor, and great style. Daniel is an awesome guy who defeneds those he loves, and is super sweet. He is not always comfortable sharing how he really feels, so if he shares his deep feeling with you, you should know youre special to him. Daniel is a really tough guy who can face anything you throw is way. He is strong on the inside and out, and looks at life from an optimistic point of view. Danile has beautiful eyes that shine when you really make him simle. He's a really great friend and a even better boyfriend<3
Daniel is like a white tiger, super hot and loves it when youre agressive
by Nani+Ddog December 8, 2011
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