Show on comedy central with Daniel Tosh as host. Every week he searches the web for the funniest, stupidest, and grossest things there are.
by Gears102 June 5, 2009
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Show where you question Daniel Tosh's Sexuality for 30minutes until it ends.
Tosh.0 viewers--
Dude 1.: dude he is definitely gay....
Dude 2.: no look he touched a girls vajayjay
Dude 1.: no dude look he is grossed out by it.
Dude 2.: dude he cant be gay....
Dude 1.: yo ask tim, his gay radar is spot on.
Tim.: If he is straight so am I ;)
by Reality check February 23, 2012
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A very humorous television show on Comedy Central hosted by Daniel Tosh in which he comments on famous web videos. The show leaves the viewer with the same feeling as "gay experimentation at summer camp". It makes you feel good while it's happening but afterwards you feel like a whore and you are left with horrible scarring memories.
I watched Tosh.0 last night, but i decided to keep it a secret from everyone.
by DrunkenPantherCrow February 16, 2010
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An act of shoving large fruits up the anus
Im going to Tosh.0 this watermelon later.
by Dorrenthedropbear January 26, 2012
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A show made by Daniel Tosh. He shows popular internet videos.
That one video on Tosh.0 was epic!
by AbigailWilson11 January 19, 2012
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The most spectacular show to watched when your blazed out of your mind!
lets get high then watch Tosh.0, then he'll actaully be funny
by btgm July 16, 2010
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In reference to Daniel Tosh (Comedy Central)


(1) "That Guy" who forwards way too many youtube clips via email.

(2) A person who is super energetic when talking about pop culture, typically of the lowest common denominator variety.

(3) The type of person you can only handle in moderation.
I like Kevin but he's way too Tosh.0 for my tastes.
by Blue Calloway August 6, 2010
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