Everything that is the imagination, alternate or otherwise. Derived from stoners and shrooms fanatics alike and their mindless drivle of the unknown infinity that their minds can express. Often thought of as 'crazy' or 'weird'.
Westhead. Person of alternative imagination
That was west. Situation/actions of person, leading to a perspective of unrealistic proportions.
Westness. Catagorisation of all that is west.
by Buck March 13, 2005
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The direction to send a spliff after you've had your tokes (left).
"send that beast west" - pass the joint to your left
by Jesqueal November 08, 2005
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The western coast of the USA... WESTSIDE... VV... Above peeps are haters...
by NTsaga May 24, 2004
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Used by people in North Liverpool as a slang word for bizarre situations, objects or people. Usually applied to people who've lost the plot.
"Did you see that girl dancing before? She was west!"
by Billy & Wally November 12, 2003
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Does not exist, you have misspelled "Weast"


South Weast

The body was located west of the river
I think you mean weast, sir
by thrgere August 11, 2020
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A beautiful, pretty, smart person. Wests are usually seen as sluts but they're not. Wests are creative and ambitious. Wests are rare to find. Wests like to joke and play around. They are also very comfortable to hang around.
She is such a West.
by Hsbxbwuicb December 31, 2016
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