males having characteristics generally attributed to females. i.e, gestures, body language, speech, etc.; eg.: flamboyantly gay male or male cross dresser. you add the prefix "eff" only when males are referred to.
person one: " his mannerisms are so effeminate. person two: yeah, he talks, acts, and dresses like a woman.
by -immolation December 22, 2013
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Having characteristics never associated with manliness or men. Not necessarily feminine or womanly. (How many women do you know who lisp, flutter their wrists, make prissy lips, and prance?
You wonder why you can't get a job as a policeman? Stop being effeminate and maybe they'll hire you.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
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1. Having qualities or characteristics more often associated with women than men.

2. Characterized by weakness and excessive refinement.
Ronnie is an effeminate bastard.

See Synonyms at female.
by Your mom November 30, 2003
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Acting unmanly. Used of a man who does not act manly. It does not at all mean that he is acting womanly. This word unfairly characterizes women as people who act like poofters.
Abby, look at that man! He's so effeminate!

He's not acting like a woman, Louise. He's acting like a flaming faggot!
by Tuna Wanda May 24, 2005
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Akin to when a woman emasculates her boyfriend/partner/husband and sends his penis into hiding.
Mr. and Mrs.Mr. were having an argument last night when Mr. said to Mrs.Mr. well you should do the dishes since you prepared dinner. Needless to say, Mrs.Mr. felt slightly effeminated and was not available for their evening interlude.
by Flea Sisters July 30, 2006
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if u call a person effeminate you mean they have characteristics, body features, or may sound like a woman.
2. Donald trump.
u need to start working out more u look effeminate.
by bycuntdectective September 13, 2018
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1.) The kind of behavior that, when exhibited by straight males of the homosapien species, will cause other males to take pause.

2.) Typical action of any male performer on the Bravo network
Effeminate guy: "Hey, let's get all the guys together at my place for a steak dinner."
Everyone else: "Sounds like fun. What can we bring?"
Effeminate guy: "To make sure we dont have samesies, I'll declare now that I'm supplying the CA Cab and crab dip."
Everyone else: "Did he just say, 'samesies', 'crab dip' and the abbreviation for Cabernet in the same sentence? No wonder he hasn't found the right girl yet."
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