I like that i really like what you do.

It makes it easy to be supportive.
by Krkič September 13, 2021
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The thing your teacher says before giving you the hardest test of your life. If your teacher says this, you must run from it. A scientific study conducted by MIT confirms that the average test score when a teacher says this is 49%. This phrase is often followed up with stuff like "I am ashamed to give you this test".
Teacher: OK guys pop quiz! Don't worry, it's easy easy easy.

Gullible Student: Oh, it's good I didn't study. This test will be very easy to pass.

Smart Student: Oh crap, I am screwed. I guess I must break my fingers. Hey Daquan, can you break my fingers?

Daquan: Sure, if you break mine.

Smart Student: Deal.
by SleazyBoy April 4, 2018
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When your gas gauge points to the E.
Bro! My gas tank be on easy.
by Your mom.com April 13, 2017
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just act cool, relax and take care of yourself
4 sho shawty you be easy
by Mystro December 23, 2003
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A way to say "calm the fuck down" without getting in trouble, you little shit.......
Teacher: "DO YOUR WORK NOW!!!!"

Student: "Easy....."
by Whydoyouwannaknow? April 9, 2010
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Someone quick to "put-out"
Damn I heard dat gurl was hella easy
by Hot_lil_mama13 October 24, 2003
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