ginger. Speed increased X5 when he removes his shoes. Has mastered the "shoelace technique" which has caused him to get laid countless times. Was born a web and contaminated people around him with anime. Flat out will not hesitate to kill George if he thinks about Holly.
Person 1: who's that?

Person 2: that's Thurston

Person 1: why the fuck is he barefoot?

Person 2: speed
by NickPleaseStop December 5, 2019
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A person who is sensational at most things they do. Also a term to describe someone who has a ton of close friends (of opposite sex) but remains single.
Hey Jenny, who is that guy dating?
No one.
But how come he is always with so many girls? Is he gay?
No, he's a thurston.
by soccer.kid November 7, 2011
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A kid that was born with knowledge of chemistry. He writes down answers at lightning speed before it is even taught.
Yo Thurston, lemme copy!
by desert fox June 12, 2005
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A term for an STD that could of come from one of 1,100 people in a dorm at GWU.
I went to the doctor last week and found out I had a Thurston...wish I only had herpes.
by Adam Beck September 4, 2006
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joe - dude that guy is such a thurston
randy - fer sure
by BBaller2010 April 14, 2010
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An epidemic with the first known case being Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.
A first hand account of this disease.

Thurstonitis is basically when you just lose all control of your mind whatsoever and you walk around in a dazed state with a baseball cap on backward your bangs in your eyes and you go deaf.

Looking for used record stores that don't exist. And pretending that you know where they are. And then asking the locals and pretending you understand their language and you don't. And you nod a lot. It's usually a lot of... It's right over here. It's right over here.
by Eric Selador January 8, 2010
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