The way that people under the age of 7 ask "why".
6 year old: "How come the sky is blue?"
Parent: "Because it is"

25 year old: "How come Kathy isn't coming by tonight?"
Friend: "Because you speak like a fucking child"
by tentimesfriday April 30, 2023
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said when asking how or why something happened or is the case.
Person 1: "Tori, we're not coming to the party...🙃"
Person 2: "How come? 😕"
by ManiAli December 2, 2021
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Derived from the phrase "how far we've come", this phrase has been first said by Anime YouTuber AnimeUproar's AnimaC on an episode on the Rant Cafe Podcast, this was a dumb mistake by AnimaC.
"It really is crazy how long we've come"
~ AnimaC
by LordTwigo'sFollower November 28, 2020
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