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She is sweet and kind.Her beauty is natural and is also smart.She treats you well and wants you to be happy.She can't express her feelings well.She isn't that innocent as you may think.WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT GET ON THEIR BAD SIDE!!Over all they are ok and good trustworthy friend but remember to treat them nicely because they can be sensitive and emotional at sometimes.
Woah Jenny is amazing and kind such an angel!

Yeah but don't get in her bad side...terrible idea
by Jenlinn37474 June 02, 2018
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Jenny is one of the coolest broke people you'll meet. She'll catch your eyes with hers, as they change from dark brown to black match her mood. Something just feels right about her straight hair that matches her eyes, and her heart of gold. She is a true beauty, though she never realizes it and dislikes her appearance.

She makes for the most amazing friend you can find, and will never leave your side. She loves her friends with a passion but is sometimes afraid no one feels the same about her. She does her best to push you out of your comfort zone while also respecting anything you really don't want to do. Jenny is one of the funniest people you'll meet and never fails to give you a laugh when you need it the most, or attempt an encouraging speech in her own, sometimes weird way to boost your confidence. She loves with so much of herself, that makes her get easily attached, trust too fast and overall hurt.

She has a very creative mind and loves writing, drawing, photographing the world, and expressing herself in as many ways as possible. She is smart, observant, and anything she sets her mind to gets done.

If you ever meet her, you do NOT want to lose her because she is the best thing that will happen to you.

Jenny is a very straightforward person and will tell you if she doesn't like something you've done, but also, she will tell you how much you mean to her and exactly how much she loves you when she does.

She will never leave unless you ask her to.
person: Aww, I miss Jenny :(
Jenny, overhearing person say that: Lol, no you don't.
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by Special Nobody February 24, 2018
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Cute Name and actually the best Girlfriend you can have. Jenny is always there for you. She smiles every second in her life. Is the most beautiful Girl in the World. Every Boy dreams to have a Jenny for himself. She always knows how to make you smile, even when you're mad. As you can see, she is a pretty awesome Girl.
A: Hey man your Girl is cute! What's her name?
B: Thanks! That's Jenny, she is just the most amazing Girl ever!
by Lors May 07, 2016
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A girl who acts like a true sister. She may not be blood line relatives, but she will care for you no matter what, even when hated she will love you. She tends to fall for the wrong type, but in the end she will never give up on someone she loves. She's socially active but naughty at times. She's got a big booty too! She gets very intimate with people and she will play around. She will trust you very easily and she will do anything to bring you happiness. She loves everyone and can have her depressed moments, but she will always overcome them for the right of others. She sacrifices her own to let someone else be happy, and she will always be there for you. She is a dork and a nerd, but everyone will love that quality about her. She is fairly beautiful but will never believe it. She is out going and active and enjoys the oddest things as well as being crazy. She is lovable and adorable and will always be your true friend.
Chris: Woah did you see that girl?
Dylan: Yup thats Jenny and look at the big booty!!
Chris: She's damn perfect!
Dylan: Back off bro she's mine!
by jjso December 20, 2014
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The most cutest, adorable, funny, nicest, hottest, sweetest, caring, gorgeous, and most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. There’s no one else like Jenny.
OMG I can’t wait to see Jenny again!!!
by Yaboi Juan July 12, 2018
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An Angel, she's kind, caring; thinking of others always before herself. The epitome of selflessness. She gets up while it is still dark to prepare food for her loved ones. She keeps a candle burning in the window always. Her hands are ever ready to serve others and she gives without a seconds thought. She is as gorgeous as a jewel on the inside as well as on the outside, a true goddess among women. Love is not an art to her. It is life to her.

Any man should count himself truly blessed to have found such a woman as she is one of a kind.
Jenny is pretty amazing!
by Mr.Sleight April 26, 2016
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Jenny is a beautiful psychopath. She is the perfect girlfriend, if you're willing to love her. She can be a Yandere at times. Always text her back and don't break her heart! She can be an angel if you treat her right. Jenny can sometimes be an airhead. Very sarcastic. Very very sarcastic. Her mind is very dirty and she'll crack a penis joke at any chance she gets. She absolutely HATES cheaters and may chop your head off if you cheat. Or worse. Stay away from her when she's on her period or pissed off. No matter what, she'll be there for you. You'll never find a better friend.
Emma: JENNY! James cheated on me!

Jenny: (sharpening her knifes and cleaning her guns) Aw. That's alright. He wasn't worth it. I'll take care of him for you!
by -Info-Chan- July 15, 2018
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