1. (dictionary) Widespread contagion, usually a bacteria or virus, that kills or severly sickens a large number people in a particular geographic area.

2. (American Media) Half-assed drug or dumbass activity that kills a couple suburban white kids, usually in the Baltimore area for some reason.
1. The SARS epidemic of 2003 killed hundreds and hospitalized thousands in China and Toronto.

2. Stone Phillips reporting on the highway surfing epidemic... Ashleigh Banfield to follow with an expose on the paint-huffing epidemic.
by The Evil Steve August 17, 2005
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A disease that has started killing white people. Until then, it's just a disease, regardless of how many have already died.
AIDS is a disease that started in Africa. But now it's an epidemic that has hit the gay community in San Francisco.
by D3uteron June 5, 2009
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Something that is cooler than cool...
That party was 'epidemic' yo!!
by Long Kim Duong and Quoc Phan February 25, 2004
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you hear thatthats epidemic
by @ayana October 18, 2020
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When all the pussy in the residence hall is taken by random douchebags who live out of state.
Damn, there are so many hot chicks here. Too bad there is a fucking boyfriend epidemic.
by dlcopperfield September 28, 2009
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A joke epidemic is when in a certain period of time, everyone is making the same jokes or about the same subject. It's usually after an event that got a lot of media coverage.

Synonyms: Joke pandemic and joke infection
Person A:
If I hear one more Kanye West joke, imma not let you finish.

Person B:
Dude, you're totally contributing to the joke epidemic!
by Meanum December 20, 2009
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