A girl who is looked at as a hoe or slut.
by Maraj01 June 19, 2018
If a man is not wanting the thot near them they will say the simple phrase "BEGONE THOT"
by 1337 Meme L0rd 69 April 29, 2018
an acronym for That Hoe Over There that is constantly used in the wrong context
Man: I don't fuck wit her. She a thot

Man#2: She's a "that hoe over there"?

Man: What

Man#2: That's what you just told me.
by nerdswagger62 December 14, 2013
A thot is someone who desires intercourse (thirsty), has a lot of intercourse (hoe), and happens to be in the vacinity (over there).

Everybody saying it is "That Hoe Over There" is wrong. That doesn't make sense if you say "Yo, she's a thot" She's a that hoe over there? no.
Jaquan: "You see that girl?"
DaMarcus: "You mean that thot?"
Jaquan: "What's a thot?"
DaMarcus: "Thirsty Hoe Over There"
Jaquan: "Yeah, she is a thot, then."
by qmilli May 28, 2014
a girl who refuses to play Minecraft.
"I paid her 3k but she still didn't want to play Minecraft with me."
"Wow, what a thot."
by Tricusx April 19, 2019
that hoe over there.
Not exactly ratchet, but no where near a dimepiece. A basic bitch. You won't get ragged on for messin wit one, but she ain't nothing to brag about either. They everywhere!

How to spot-a-thot
-cheap patterned leggings that she think make her ass look good
-clothes from rainbow or styles for less
-wearin lace wit holes in it
-outdated nike high tops
-some red weave
-bamboo hoop earrings
-average twerking skills
-michael kors knock off bag or any big plasticy tote
-cliche script tattoo about love or strength

-ugg boots or boot heels
-May be butterface
-maybe slightly overweight, doesn't work out
-thinks starbucks is expensive
-blonde highlights with 3 month roots
-gets a little too drunk
-hangs out wit other thots
I ain't fuck wit thots, I only fuck wit 9 and ups.
by row z February 3, 2014
a popular alternative way of calling a girl a hoe, even though it's the stupidest fucking word to ever exist following the words "swag" and "yolo". It's used by many ghetto folks as well as Chief Keef.
Amy: She's such a thot!
Me: Bitch, just say hoe!
by Yolo Drake March 15, 2015