A bolt of electricity that can be cloud to cloud or cloud to ground. It can kill and/or cause all kinds of problems, even brownouts and blackouts, which resets most appliances or fries them.
Woah! That was some scary lightning right there. It was so close it made a loud crack instead of a rumble of thunder.
by Frozen Myst June 20, 2007
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A strike of electricity that comes from the ground up to a cummolimbus cloud.
Fred saw lightning and said "whoaaooaoaoaoaoa I win!"
by JOHNSON October 31, 2003
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when u put ur hands together (like ur praying)and thrust at someones gut.

--hurts like hell--
i just lightninged a small orange peel flavored wizard after he force fed my dog a ground up mixture of mango seeds and starfish.
by sombodyudontknow January 17, 2011
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joe went crazy tonite at the party. he was probably riding the lightning
by DougSurf January 29, 2007
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If someone makes a fade away 3 pointer in basketball you might say, "That shot was like lightning!"
by Mr. Brightside February 27, 2005
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The 2004 Stanley Cup Champions. Also a team that has no true fans, since nobody gave two shits about them until they were in the Eastern Conference Finals.
The Tampa Bay Lightning deserved to win the Stanley Cup, but their "fans" certainly did not.
by Dewey June 10, 2004
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cheap, raw whiskey, unprocessed whiskey
Don't drink that lightning, it tastes awful.
by The Return of Light Joker November 3, 2007
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