a misspelling of the contraction could've
After mistakenly thinking that I heard someone use the phrase "could of", I could've wrongly called someone an idiot for using a contraction I am not familiar with, but I did not.
by 2-kuppajava-2 October 23, 2013
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How the uneducated say 'could have'
chav: I could of got a E in school fo da english literachar, but i got a ungraded instead.
by kung-fu jesus September 24, 2004
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The most common spelling of "could've" in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland, United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. It really doesn't mean anything, but it's a bit like myths and urban legends: people are just too lazy to think whether it's true or even plausible.
Joe: "I could of get that shot done though"
Barry: "Facts boi GG though you were totally robbed of that shot by the ref"
by Burt Milhorse Eriksson April 11, 2021
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A common misconception among idiots who go by their ears rather than their brain. The real way to say it is "Could HAVE", i.e. "I could HAVE gone to the party", rather than "I could OF gone to the party".

It's a common mistake, generally caused because the phrase "Could have" is said so quickly that it is conceived as "Could of", but that's wrong.

"Should of" is the exact same but slightly less common mistake.
Idiot(Through text message): "Man, I could of gone to that party, but instead I stayed home."

Smart person, not an idiot(Through text message): "Are you serious? It's 'Could HAVE', not 'Could of'. Are you stupid?"

Idiot(Through text message): "Well, my name IS idiot for a reason..."
by PetPeevePerson April 24, 2011
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The possibility of being able to do something
We would have went if we could have
by Oiuna May 1, 2016
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the most wonderful saying created b the amazing Thomas sanders who is an angel on earth
thomas: You know what this could be gayer
by butthhhhhh August 29, 2017
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Can be used in one of two instances

1. When it would be literally impossible for things to get any worse.


2. When things are bad, but not as bad as possible. If used in this way, things are bound to get much worse.

"My house burned to the ground, my wife divorced me taking everything I could salvage from the fire, and I was hit by a truck on my way to the courthouse." said Bob.
"It could be worse" responded Joe.

"Great, someone stole my car and I have to walk to work!" exclaimed Sam.
"It could be worse" responded Sue.
Upon saying this, the clouds became a dark gray followed by torrential downpours for the rest of the day.
by Mr. Unicorn November 20, 2010
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