Device which, when fitted to the head of anyone driving a car, immediately removes any concern they may have previously exhibited for their own, their passengers, and, well, anyone elses safety.

Especially effective when driving 'modded cars'. See kev.
Tracy thinks that Trevor's baseball cap makes him a much better driver.
by Gabba March 5, 2004
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Device used to notify others that they are in the presence of a dickhead. The point may be reinforced by the wearer displaying said item at alternative angles, particularly back-to-front especially when facing the sun.
That wanker in the baseball cap.
by redroar August 22, 2004
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A Type of hat generally worn by old men ranging from 75-93 years old. Wearing a baseball cap is a sign of ageing and usually paired with dependency of prescription drugs such as CRESTOR or LIPITOR . In very rare occasions used by mid twenty year old woman with drawers full of baseball caps and shades to express the excitement of a return to California on Instagram or other social media.
"In moving back to CA you recognize the importance of having an entire drawer designated to baseball caps & Sunglasses (insert CA related Emoji here)
by THE BASEBALL CAP GUY September 24, 2014
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A baseball cap is a close-fitting cap with a curved part at the front that sticks out above your eyes.
when you have purchased a beautiful baseball cap, that provides you with a strip of LED light.
"hey Margret guess what I purchased on wish last night"
"let me guess, a golden dick trophy"
by Debra Biblooby August 29, 2019
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An oversized baseball cap with a ridiculously huge rim.
Also tends to cover the eyes and ears of anyone who wears one.
Mostly worn by blacks or latinos in urban communities (male or female).

Anyone wearing an uber baseball cap looks like a complete idiot.
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
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Usually worn by a bro who is more often than not, on steroids and likes to look for bar fights. He also crushes lots of vageen.
"Backwards baseball cap guy" rolls into the blaring listening to " let the bodies hit the floor." He then stomps into to the bar and orders a Mich Ultra, as we do not want too many carbs. He then posts up shop at the end of the bar scanning the crowd, just waiting for someone to look at him the wrong way and it's on!!
by Decaduraroidin October 27, 2013
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when in the 69 position a girl has an orgasm while taking a dump on your head
last night my wife and i were 69'n and when she came she gave me a dirty baseball cap
by jvblack13 July 16, 2008
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