2 definitions by NickPleaseStop

The kinkiest guy to ever live. Will kill himself to get an erection. Blood turns him on. So does a crippling lack of oxygen.
Person 1: hey, I broke 6 of my toes and orgasmed instantly.

Person 2: what the fuck you are actually a Nick

Person 1: I like the way death strokes my cock.

Person 2: I'd tell you to go die but you'd probably cum.
by NickPleaseStop December 5, 2019
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ginger. Speed increased X5 when he removes his shoes. Has mastered the "shoelace technique" which has caused him to get laid countless times. Was born a web and contaminated people around him with anime. Flat out will not hesitate to kill George if he thinks about Holly.
Person 1: who's that?

Person 2: that's Thurston

Person 1: why the fuck is he barefoot?

Person 2: speed
by NickPleaseStop December 5, 2019
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