The BMW X5. An off-road version of the 5-series BMW released in 1999. It is an almost flawless car, and can smoke most, if not all, others in its class. There are no inherent flaws, faulty parts, common complaints. It comes highly recommended by all owners. One of the best BMW's ever.
Wow, the X5 even has a place to rest my balls.
by Gumba Gumba March 03, 2004
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A man among infants in the ever-growing luxury mid-size SUV market. Introduced in 1999 with much skepticism, it soon proved the haters wrong when everyone realized how flawlessly designed it is.

It really pioneered the market on high-performance SUVs with the intro of the ultra-badass 4.6is, basically the first X5 M, and later with the high end 4.8is. The early styling was really aggressive, and its probably safe to say its THE best looking SUV on the road. The interior is filled with every amenity one could want (my 02 3.0 has satnav, bluetooth, roof, cold weather, and some other sick options) and is really luxuriously sporty. The steering is spot on and the handling behaves like a 5, niiice. The bimmer straight 6 is a work of wondrously brilliant engineers and puts some pointless redlining fun into doing things like pulling out of target, merging, etc. DON'T bother with the X3 as you will be missing out in what its big brother has to offer. The X5 is a beautifully crafted work of pure german automotive genius.
Uneducated cock: The X5 is a slow, heavy, non-responsive waste of an auto. They should've stuck to making cars.

Me: Well you can go kill yourself you ignorant fool as the X5 is none such things. The truck is a work of automotive art, like a Maserati Ghibli, or Ferrari 288 GTO.
by 930ctane July 22, 2009
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It’s armed police like armed jakes.
“Last night I nearly got killed by dem x5s”
by Roadman nito June 16, 2019
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A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning:

Storm the front,

but said in normal life
x5, x5!!! wtf?
by Lorne Richardson July 06, 2003
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