a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in a space about the size of most walk-in closets. roommate included free of charge.
As I like to say, "home sweet hole."
by Lauren September 1, 2004
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your own semi-personal hell hole you live in your freshman year of college with your complete opposite
by Kollege Cid March 7, 2005
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A place where parents send their children to have meaningless sex and consume copious amounts of drugs. Also the place I wish to end up after a night of boozing with my homies.
Damn, I'm so drunk! Let's go to the dorm and get some tail.
by tuesg November 23, 2004
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A residence hall at a college or university, commonly residence halls consisting of double rooms with a community bathroom.
It's time to go back to the dorms.
by Erick May 22, 2006
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The place where I go to have sex with ugly girls.
by Anonymous June 3, 2003
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A college style jail cell that you'll simply want to get out of, for reasons such as:

1. Ridiculous prices that will probably increase for no reason whatsoever.
2. Bathroom that is nasty.
3. Suitemates that will eventually become annoying as hell to deal with.
4. Shit wifi.
5. "Quiet Hours". Yes, this is a thing considering the purpose of college dorms.
6. No privacy.

With all of that being said, please do yourself a great favor in both sanity and savings by getting an apartment, with "sane" people. If you prefer to save even a greater chunk and have good grades, then consider commuting.
Person 1: "I'm finally excited to move into a dorm! Freedom at last!"

Person 2. "That's what they all say, until you're first month ends. Then your dorm becomes a living hell."
by senthurmanz February 20, 2017
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