Clergy run state, or state governed by religious leader and under rule from religiously inspired laws.
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Rule by religious leaders, as found in Iran. Notable for repression of thought, extreme censorship, prohibition of scientific research, and a general lack of good times.
Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson work night and day to transform America into an evangelical Christian theocracy.
by Samuel L. Wordsmith January 7, 2005
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Right now American is being ruled by a bunch of crooks because of a man who thinks God speaks thru him ,and wanted him to run for president. God Help America!
by John Michaels February 7, 2005
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Today, the President has officially renounced democracy in favor of theocracy. Tomorrow, he will order that all non-Christians be rounded up and executed.
by Jit April 3, 2005
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A Christian heavy metal band based out of Athens, Georgia. Known for huge sound, epic choiral arrangements, amazing counterpoint vocals, and deeply spiritual (although not preachy) and inspiring lyrics.
Theocracy puts every other rock band in the world of Christian music to utter and complete shame.
by Jester_Syx December 11, 2006
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Rule by God himself, or through his chosen representatives. This is THE perfect governent type, perfect justice and equity flourish.

There are some people who say communism is the most perfect governent type, obviously they do not know what they are talking about. The communistic government is atheist and believes that man has no sin or that there are no morals, no righteousness. The individual doesn't matter whenever compared to the group. All work is equally rewarded? Sound good? No, the thing is, the one who works the most is punished, whereas those who are slackers reap the benefit.

With Theocracy, or Christianity in general, it is the exact opposite of communism in every single way possible. Where the Individual matters just as much as the group.

A Theocracy promotes goodness and righteousness, and free-thinking as well. A communistic government allows no free thinking, it is ruthless and cruel with its people. It is truly an evil type of government that looks to destroy Christianity, or other types of beliefs.

The communistic government looks to brainwash the individual to be a machine, not a human being. A machine does not question the builder, and has no morals, this is what that type of government wants.

For a look into a glimpse of what would happen if communism would be allowed to happen in America, check out the book 1984.
There has only been one true theocracy in world history, that of ancient Israel. Where God mediated his law through Moses and the priesthood. All national decisions were in the hand of God.
by Not Zane September 15, 2004
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The show Malcolm and Eddie would never have gotten on the air if we did not live in a Theocracy.
by Squeentips January 2, 2007
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