7 definitions by Jit

a shite team based on the suburbs of Greece, always gets their asses rammed in by Panathinaikos
1: Panathinaikos 77
2: Olympiakos 75

afta einai!
by Jit November 25, 2004
Today, the President has officially renounced democracy in favor of theocracy. Tomorrow, he will order that all non-Christians be rounded up and executed.
by Jit April 3, 2005
the first English team ever to field a starting XI featuring no English players.
Reporter: Why won't you play English players?
Arsene Wenger: Je ne sais pas.
by Jit February 18, 2005
nickname of Portland -- it got the nickname because the city is very liberal.
People's Republic of Portland is located on the Left Coast.
by Jit November 5, 2004
B.O.B. = Bum Over Bitches.

The most ultimate bum doctrine there is.
Bum Over Bitches! Straight peckerwood.
by Jit November 13, 2004