40 definitions by the slut formerly known as your mother

When the hat of your penis is brown, you are a brown hatter.

Also a kind of flower.
I went to the garden show and saw lots of brown hatters lying in a (flower) bed
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One who rides the cock the way a cowboy would ride a horse- by sitting on it and moving around a little. Can be male or female, and can take it in vagina or anus.
Myself: Sir, it is my earnest duty to report to you the fact that I have witnessed your son playing as a cock cowboy atop his strap-on clad sister.

Old man: ....?
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When a penis penetrates the anus, travels through the colon, intestines and out the mouth.
Slut: His 30 foot long penis left me bummed in the gob when he pushed it all the way in!
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(n.) Five fingers (4+ 1 thumb) coming toward your face. An example of cockney
Look at me again and I'll give you the bunch of fives
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The best game company in the world until it faced up to the reality of competition, at which point it simply pumped out a jillion games involving spaceships and shooting enemies before they shoot you, either in the form of space invaders or a side scrolling shooter.
I remember how my father used to beat me at double dragon on my atari, and how I was really crap at that ghostbusters game.
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Peddle-powered mode of transport with two wheels, handlebars and an annoying tendancy to harm one's testicles when going over bumps.
i want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I OOOOOWWW .....my nuts...
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