A phrase used to describe a stark difference between two things. Similar to day and night, except it implies an improvement of the situation rather than a deterioration.
Democrat: "Wow, I'm so happy that Obama is in the White House now. The difference in our country's leadership has been night and day."
Republican: "Actually it's been day and night. George W. Bush was the man."
Independent: "You're both wrong. It's been night and night. Both parties are corrupt as hell."
Libertarian: "No, I'd say it's been more of dusk and twilight."
Left-leaning moderate: "You're crazy. It's totally been dusk and dawn."
Normal person: "Seriously guys, shut up."
by Nicholas D March 15, 2009
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a phrase use to denote different or far from. 'Day and night' conveys a similar meaning.
1. She is a bluestocking and night and day (=different) from her contemporaries.
2. What she has achieved so far in her studies is night and day from (=far from) satisfactory.
by uttam maharjan November 24, 2011
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When something (i.e. a party, rain, etc.) happens all through the night and continues into the day.
by Jaeber July 21, 2014
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A term I use. I often stay up much later than I should (At the time i'm writing this it is 6am and I have had no sleep since the night before.) I use it and am agreed with by other friends that stay up late.

Practically nocturnal, it means that people who stay up really late do so because they love staying awake through the night, thus saying for these people that night is the time when they do things most do in the day. It also mean that they may wish that everyone did what people normally do in day was done at night instead.
Jamie: Nobody is ever online at this time.
Tash: Yeah I know
Jamie: I hate going to sleep early in the night. I love the night, I wish I was nocturnal.
Tash: That'd be sooo cool!
Jamie: Yeah, Night is the new Day!
by AdmiralDonkey July 1, 2006
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That feeling when you can't sleep the night before the first day of school
Guy 1: ugh i can't fall asleep and its 12:20

Guy 2: Seems he's got Night-before-first-day-of-school syndrome
by Redsoxsuck04 August 6, 2014
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The act of getting oral sex the night before, and the next day by the same partner. Not to be confused with the Bookend or Matching Bookend
Miranda finished off the night-day doubleheader this morning when I stopped by w her coffer
by Rodneylr July 7, 2016
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A flashy go anywhere do anything diamond-like piece.
Are you engaged?" ... "Baby, that's my night and day ring.
by jsmaco March 27, 2011
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