A televangilist who has unknown influence connections to the D.C. crowd for no apparent reason. Frequently puts both feet in mouth while inserting his head up his ass, thus accused of being a secret Yogi. Is a closet Republican who lusts after power and is deeply in love with his own opinions and the sound of his own voice.
Why is that ass Jerry Falwell on Fox news again?
by Bob L July 4, 2003
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A religious fundamentalist whose main purpose in life is topoint out people who are diffrent and tell them to go to hell. FUCK YOU JERRY FALWELL!!!!!!!!
Jerry Falwell is a dirty prick.
by Mamao April 4, 2004
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A man who will be surely missed by ALL of the loony toons.
Jerry falwell died on Nay 15, 2007 after chocking on one too many peices of bullshit. May he rest in peice.
by Nick Ulanowski May 16, 2007
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A terrorist.

Hates blacks, women, homosexuals, and anyone who isn't a "born again" Christian.
Jerry Falwell should be shot repeatedly and left to die.
by camry June 21, 2005
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A political minister who claims he's "doing God's work" but that idiot dumbfucker hates women, gays/lesbians, abortionists/pro-abortionists, liberals, and anyone who isn't a Christian. He acts like an asshole most of the time and has little respect for others.
Without Jerry Falwell most of the country's problems would disappear.
by weirdgirl June 16, 2003
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A slick talking low life who pretends that he is of "GOD", but lives a millionaires life style and tries to push his right wing lunacy upon others!
He is good friends of Pat "the Idiot" Robertson! Enough said!
by JCB August 18, 2003
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as Christopher Hitchens put it nicely, "A conscious charlatan, vulgar bully and crook; lived by hatred of others, and prejeduce, and committed treason by saying the United States and it's civil society deserved the attacks on 9/11; Jerry Fallwell lived on superstition, bigotry, and hatred of others, dislike of people whose lives he knew nothing about, raised money from credulous organizations; made a career on superstition and hatred of others; if you have Falwell and enema he could be buried in a matchbox; I think it's a pity there isn't a hell for him to go to."
Jerry Falwell blamed the attacks on 9/11 on gays, femenists, and other people he disliked...
by The Prince of Prague June 17, 2007
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