A variation of the Eiffel Tower in which the person in the middle is a young boy, and the two people on the outside are preferably, but not necessarily, priests.
Those two sex offenders teamed up and gave that boy the Vatican.
by BenedictXVI June 11, 2010
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A vast, sprawling palace filled with priceless artwork by Michelangelo and huge stores of golden treasures from around the world. It is used mainly as a residence for people who teach the value of living without regard for earthly possessions.
How nice it is to hear the pope talk about the dangers of materialism before retiring to his chamber in the vatican!
by Jack Torrance-Overlook Hotel January 10, 2009
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The most populous country in the world, enslaving billions of people. The Vatican's religion is stricly similar to a mix of Ancient Egyptian religions, with a pharoah. Made of Roman Catholics that swear their loyalty to always follow the Vatican government first, then their own country. Contains laws like burning its own people that disagrees with the government, and doing whatever the pope says. Citizens of the Vatican believe the priests can pull God outta the sky and sacrifice him again.
Are Vaticans Christian?
No, they follow pagan beliefs.
by daCat March 20, 2006
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Another term referring to marijuana. The term was created as cockney slang by taking Dope which rhymes with pope and then you have Vatican.
you still got some of that Dank Vatican?
by Baloothefirst November 30, 2009
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World's smallest nation. Traditional home of the Pope and the College of Cardinals.
Stop blaming the Vatican for the crimes of the Teutons.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 18, 2005
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Current city-state wherein resides the body of the Holy See.
The last true democratic monarchy in the world.
The only place in the world which has ATM machines that use Latin.
99.9 per-cent Catholic population.
Referring to the Roman hill on which the city-state is located.
A utopia, although per capita it has the highest crime rate (someone stole something from the gift store once, the next day someone mixed plastics and glass in the recycling)
Yay the Vatican. Again I say, yay.
by Cliff Whitty September 6, 2006
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A corruption the Classical Latin "vatis canii," which means "place of the alien landing." It designates one of the seven hills in Rome. Presently denotes the seat the Roman Catholic Church, an organization notorious for hiding its alien origins. Source: "Ancient Aliens," History Channel, 2014.
St Peter's suppressed Epistle to the Martians is in the Vatican archives. The Vatican has not made it accessible to the History Channel's leading alienologists.
by Dr. Giorgio T. April 5, 2017
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