Metal. The one and only true word that best describes The Showdown. Emerging from the mountains of eastern Tennessee this crushing five-piece have crafted an epic heavy metal sound for listeners who enjoy hard music that spans styles ranging from American southern rock to European death. Lyrically their melodies sing of heroism, sojourns and battles of life. The result is a brutal and honest anthem for the youth of today. Their debut album titled "A Chorus Of Obliteration" was produced by Bruce Fitzhugh (lead singer of Living Sacrifice) and is in stores now on Mono Vs Stereo. Git snake bit!
The Showdown is a Christian metalcore band.
by Greg June 17, 2006
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In Texas Hold'em - The final act of determining the winner of the pot after all betting has been completed.
"I went 10 for 10 at the Showdown in the last tournament I played"
by !!Mr_Pink777 September 16, 2005
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(noun) conclusive encounter or contest. From poker, where at the termination of betting the hands of the players who are still in the game are laid on the table and compared to determine the winner. Also used metaphorically. Sometimes "throwdown" is used with this meaning.
"After several weeks of random threats and skirmishes, the two gangs met in the parking lot of Kresge's for a showdown."
by anarcissie May 28, 2008
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The word given to the australian rules football match betwen the Adelaide Crows & Port Adelaide Power.
When the to Adelaide Crows & Port Adelaide Power play each other the match is refered to as the Showdown
by Dave April 9, 2005
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When two individuals are taking a shit in stalls next to each other, both are trying to not make a sound while shitting. Eventually one will give up and wipe their shitless ass and leave, the victor will then proceed to release his mud monkeys.
This kid and I had a shit showdown last hour, it went on for 15 minutes and I got an ass cramp.
by Joe.mama September 24, 2019
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a series of old school fighting games for the Neo-Geo. featured great graphics painted in what was for the time a very large and vivid pallette, and a wide range of basic and special moves for dozens of well illustrated characters, most of whom spoke whatever their native language would have been.

ie, a total classic.
"aight then, while we're waiting on that pizza, let's hit some samurai showdown !"

"sure thing man, but you're just too good with ukyo."
by frere ubu January 9, 2008
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A heated battle of sorts between two males when a resolution is unattainable. The Browntown Showdown is a modern play on the classic event, the "Tug-of-War". The two parties involved take a rope (twine for the frail and anally incompetent) preferably a half-inch in diameter. The rope is to be knotted on both ends and then inserted into the anal cavities of the aforementioned. Both men then must clench their assly muscles and take steps away from each other, the first party to release the rope is the loser.

(A ropesmith is preferred and must regulate/monitor the proceedings)

no-homo is not necessary, but may help in further explanations to others
"My teacher said the answer was X = 3, I disagree; it's time for a Browntown Showdown."
by bilky koors August 20, 2009
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