According to a study by Sydney's Macquarie Univerity, you are more likely to get stabbed going to one game of Aussie Rules a year, than you are if you go to a nightclub every Saturday night for a year.

Thankfully the AFL-friendly media here in Australia manage to do a good job of covering this up.
Person1: Dude, Michelle got stabbed yesterday!
Person2: Thats what you get for taking her to the Australian Rules Football.
by Ben Digo April 24, 2007
australian rules football can be described as the most skilless and effiminate form of football. Supporters are Australian possessing an IQ well below the requirements for basic shoe lace tying. Supporters are easily brainwashed by the AFL into thinknig that the sport is the most skillfull and physically tough sports around. In reality it possesses none of the skills and fancy footwork used in football, none of the physical strength toughness and fast hands needed for both forms of rugby.

Game is best described as: a bunch of sweaty blokes humping each other to the ground to get a touch of the oppositions arse and balls.
australian rules football= winter training for cricket

Tool: Bro lets watch a game of footy.
Real Auuseie: of back to melbourne you poof!
by muzza_#1 October 26, 2005
a very poor uncompeditive excuse for a game where gay or very feminine excuses for men squeeze into tight shorts and gay little singlets .during game play they kick the ball and jump like girls to catch the ball and aim to get the ball between four posts. if the player misses the middle posts but gets the 2 outer posts they get points for missing the main points.this game is so popular it is played in australia and has no international games between countries only a silly cross between gaelic and gayfl football.unlike the much more enjoyable rugby league which has an international fan base countries that play league are as follows ,new zealand ,england,wales,scotland,ireland,tonga ,fiji, france, papua new guenea ,russia has a small comp the us is growing into a good comp.all of these nations might not be able to compete with australia new zealand great britan but they do play the game.gayfl is the worst game in the world equal only with soccer
real men play league girls, sooks, dickheads,gays play afl
son} dad i want to play rugby league all the gay boys at school play australian rules football
dad}thats ok mate i wouldnt subject my worst enemy to that queer afl game
by dazza1 July 2, 2006
a pathetic excuse for aussies to excel in something, they are inept at real sports like football and rugby and thus they created their own "sport" to give themselves something to cheer about
random aussie: "ello mate! lets watch some australian rules football"
Any other person from another country: "i'd rather not"
by sad truth July 12, 2009
What you get when you allow Australian convicts to invent a sport.

They should change it to the CFL (Convict Football League).

- Shockingly minimal skill (kicking and catching a "ball")
- Atrocious off-field antics (Public urination)
- On field goings-on, including testicle grabbing
- Only "sport" in the world to reward failure eg. If the player misses the goal, he is rewarded with one point
- Search 'AFL'on the internet, and you will be amazed at what you will find
- Stabbings at games *are always covered up due to the AFL friendly media...they do a good job*

I am thankful that I have one full Australian father and a non-Australian mother. Thanks to mum I was not kept ignorant (as all Austalians are), to the sheer atmosphere, velocity, adrenaline and awe-inspiring skill that is Football (Soccer *said in a cringing, childish voice*),that full Australians just do not get. I feel sorry for them and for all who do not understand this.

I am sure this is not the case, but Football is what God made legs for :). It is one of the greatest sources of happiness; particulary for the poor, sad children of the earth. Whatever you beleive in (a major problem in our world)just be happy and positive. Please...

I do not like 'australian rules football', I love Football it makes me happy...Oh and I haven't even started on Criket. :)
by James Longmuir April 8, 2008
Is the game different to soccer and rugby? You bet.

No off-side for starters. Which means the game is a bit like basketball, but on a far larger arena than even soccer & rugby, and 18 a-side on the field at a time.

No cross bar. Does this make kicking goals easier. Well, yes, although the goals are narrower than soccer. And you actually have to kick them yourself, via your foot - and not be deflected off other people or goal posts.

Behinds - quite unique, or partially similar to the 'rouge' in some sports. Simple theory. Avoid drawn games. Soccer folk have thought about ways of avoiding a draw - and only lump us with penalty shoot outs in the 'big' games in tournaments. They could perhaps count corners (or only those derived within a certain distance of the goal....and then award a pt, make a 'fair' goal worth 6,....and away you go, less draws, more results....and maybe more often the best team might actually win).

Unlike soccer - all players can use their hands too....kinda cool, helps, especially youngsters, to develop the full range of co-ordination. The 'high' mark or 'speccie' is a very cool feature, and a bit more dignified than using ones head to propell the ball because the rules don't let you use your hands!! Hands also allow for picking the ball up and the feature known as 'hand-ball' or 'hand-pass'. This is a key feature in team work, especially under pressure to open up play. To achieve overlap, to create space. Y'see, the game is all about creating space, which is vitally important given that the oval shaped ground tapers inward at either end, meaning that the hardest place to find space is in the 'forward line', thus the absence of off-side is partially negated.

Australian Rules Football <> soccer
Australian Rules Football <> rugby

Thank god!!

Australian Rules Football = Positively geared sport - seeking to attack one's own goal, to kick goals and to win games. Don't compare to the MElb Cup (handicap), compare to the Cox Plate, a weight for age free for all.

compared to soccer and rugby = negatively geared sports, seeking to defend one's own goal, and employing restrictive handling and movement rulings to limit the ability to 'win on merit' - effectively they are the 'handicap' events - even HARNESS RACING!!!
by Michael Christiansen January 2, 2008
A sport where the criminal activities of players can be overlooked. Search "afl drugs" , "afl rape" , "afl gang bashing" , "afl player drink driving" , "afl player assaults policewoman" , and the most insidious of all "afl sexual assault hush money" . It's an attitiude that filters down to the lower grades in acts of violence and racism(search "werribee junior afl team assaults disabled girl" and "grubbers attack jewish man" for details). They also recently exported their mindless criminality and violence to Ireland in the form of a "hybrid" international that combined the idiocy of professional AFL with the athletic prowess of amatuer gaelic football, the series now appears to be abandoned after complaints of violence and thuggery both on and off the field from the Irish. (search "Fevola assaults Irish barman", of course he apparently assaulted him after standing at the bar spitting into a pile of a teammates fresh vomit, did I mention they are all class?)

The governing body has made the wise decision of contracting media outlets to provide "favourable coverage" which is why it's mindless band of supporters seem to believe it to be an unstoppable force that will over-run world sport, unfortunately for them the reality is that it's taken over 100 years to gain any level of support from more than 1/2 of Australias population (NSW & QLD), and that is on the back of the mass migration of Victorians to the Northern states.

Also known as aerial ping-pong, forcings-back, fagball, gAyFL, AwFuL and the Australian Felon League. It is the only sport that rewards mediocrity by awarding points for missing a shot at goal.
AwFuL supporter - Did you watch the footy?

Normal Human - Sure did, did you see Benjis try?

AwFuL supporter - No, I mean AFL.......Australian Rules Football

Normal Human - Why would I watch that rubbish, are you trying to imply I'm gay? Or some sort of criminal groupie? I would never follow that tripe, now remove yourself from my sight and return to whatever hole you crawled out of.
by Andrew Dameeeeechoooooo December 21, 2006