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When a females vagina resembles that of a medium rare burger and is also drenched in grease.
“Steve fucked a total grease burger last night, he says his dick smells like cabbage now!”
by Joe.mama September 23, 2019

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When two individuals are taking a shit in stalls next to each other, both are trying to not make a sound while shitting. Eventually one will give up and wipe their shitless ass and leave, the victor will then proceed to release his mud monkeys.
This kid and I had a shit showdown last hour, it went on for 15 minutes and I got an ass cramp.
by Joe.mama September 24, 2019

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A male or female soldier who dares to enter the pubic region of an individual who has a forest.
“Myles is such a bush warrior took down a total jungle last night, but he says some fire ants crawled in his dick.”
by Joe.mama September 24, 2019

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