An alcohol drinking method. It invovles taking one shot of hard liquor every minute, for ten minutes. All said and done you just took down 10 shots of Absolut within ten minutes and now you're pissing all over your friends and family. 5 for 5 is a variation for pussies.
Dan: Hey Mike, you wanna go 10 for 10?
Mike: No, I'm a litle bitch. I'll only make it to 4, then I'll puke.
by D Hartz June 8, 2006
The most outrageous cheeseburger available. For you eastcoast folk, this will word does not apply. Only us lucky western type are blessed with what we call "In 'n Out Burger". Part of the sacred "secret menu," this burger is not a meal, it's an event. A normal, hungry teenage boy could be satisfied with a double cheeseburger, but for the man with a real appetite, the 10 by 10 will be the only burger that would suffice. 10 patties, slabbed with 10 pieces of american processed cheese, this thing is a monster. It can't be eaten normally, unless you can unlock your jaw. Most people eat it on its side, and end up eating about 6 patties and cheese slices by themselves, like a steak. Only a true man can handle this 5000 calorie beast.
Last weekend Tim ate a 10 by 10 and puked up his small intestine.
by brian February 10, 2004

a male or female who's physical appeal is subpar and would require the consumption of ten alcoholic beverages in order for the person in question to be a perfect ten.
Friend A: "I'm going out with Kelly and her friends, and they invited you. You comin'?"

Friend B: "Well, Kelly's hot, but all her friends are 10 to 10s. So, no."
by Mr. Fizz 18 October 19, 2010
10 to 10 is a prison rule common in penitentiaries in the western United States. The rule states that from the hours of 10:00pm to 10:00am all inmates should refrain from activities causing noise or disturbance. Those who violate the 10 to 10 rule are subject to punishment chosen for them by members of their own race.
10 to 10 Ian get the fuck off the phone. 10 to 10 brutherfucka ...throws radio into sink.
by darkwhitein1955 March 3, 2020
Nick name for Hoshi from a k-pop group, SEVENTEEN. He's named Hoshi because his eye shape is placed 10:10 on the clock
New Carat: WOW! Hoshi's eye is like going up
Old Carats: That's why he's called 10 hour 10 minute
by bEyONd The banGtan August 17, 2017
when a place of business is open for a very short period of time, it is described as being open from "10 to 10:15"
mike: yo man, let's go to the local laundromat

tyrone: that owner is such a dickhead. they're open from like 10 to 10:15
by mike hunt95 December 26, 2009
The beauty rating of your date or partner during a night of a partying. She/he is quite ugly normally, but attractive and hot after a night of drinking. (Source is from a good country song).
"After about three drinks at the party, I came to the conclusion that she was a 2 at 10, and 10 at 2."
by yes juanito yes May 20, 2014