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side effect of the bourgeois fantasies of some latter day feminists who greet prostitution and pornography with universal, and therefore unmerited, green lights.

sex work is real obviously, and we shouldn't demonize the people who do it. but too many of the fools who are trying to normalize or celebrate it are writing about fantasy, not socio-economic reality.
"you wouldn't beleive emma's over-reaction when i said i saw a hooker strolling fifth avenue! she insisted i say sex worker instead."

"man, forget her. the girl is all theory and attitude and no street smarts."
by frere ubu January 9, 2008
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now ubiquitous r and b singer, immediately identifiable because he sings through a vocorder. this dude was inescapable in 2007.

has never been heard talking with this device.
"buy u a drank", "bartender", "in love with a stripper", "cyclone"... how can anyone not know who t pain is ?
by frere ubu January 9, 2008
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an openly queer illusionist and performance artist, who stives to entertain his audience while educating them about safe sex and gay pride. looks like a combination of liberace and david copperfield, while the act itself is like seeing scott thompson (from kids in the hall) riff on chris angel. and the story about the rabbit ? that's no truer than the practice of gerbiling...
did you guys hear ? the rainbow alliance invited the great fagotini to campus !
by frere ubu January 9, 2008
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a series of old school fighting games for the Neo-Geo. featured great graphics painted in what was for the time a very large and vivid pallette, and a wide range of basic and special moves for dozens of well illustrated characters, most of whom spoke whatever their native language would have been.

ie, a total classic.
"aight then, while we're waiting on that pizza, let's hit some samurai showdown !"

"sure thing man, but you're just too good with ukyo."
by frere ubu January 9, 2008
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mexican-americans, usually female and from middle class homes, who favor a sophisticated, even dressy version of the goth look. wear as much make-up as cholas sometimes, but in more creative ways. typically loves the smiths, and has a penchant for old school latino horror movies. can impress you with a knowledge of creepy mexican folklore, and may claim to have seen la llorona. without fail, these women have great hair, and are as tough as any suerenita.
"eh, hermano, who is the girl in all black ?"

"oh, that's marisol. whatcha think ?"

"dunno ese. she's fine, but sorta scary at the same time, you know ?"

"mexi-goths rule, my man"
by frere ubu January 9, 2008
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a weird little fellow who looks just a little too much like frank perdue, the chicken magnet. (witness protection program ?) ran for president back in the day.

"was it '92 or '96 when that little gremlin made a bid for the white house ?"

"who ?"

"ross perot"
by frere ubu January 9, 2008
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the tendency of someone who's whining to keep complaining about their issues, even after they've passed the point of catharsis. therapists stay in buisness because of this property of human nature.
as soon as she brought up her ex, i could feel the whinertia taking effect.
by frere ubu January 9, 2008
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