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In Texas Hold'em - The final act of determining the winner of the pot after all betting has been completed.
"I went 10 for 10 at the Showdown in the last tournament I played"
by !!Mr_Pink777 September 15, 2005
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(noun) conclusive encounter or contest. From poker, where at the termination of betting the hands of the players who are still in the game are laid on the table and compared to determine the winner. Also used metaphorically. Sometimes "throwdown" is used with this meaning.
"After several weeks of random threats and skirmishes, the two gangs met in the parking lot of Kresge's for a showdown."
by anarcissie May 28, 2008
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The word given to the australian rules football match betwen the Adelaide Crows & Port Adelaide Power.
When the to Adelaide Crows & Port Adelaide Power play each other the match is refered to as the Showdown
by Dave April 08, 2005
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