omg did you see vivid today
i thought their name was shampo
by raineisdumb August 9, 2021
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A woman so hot, she could be an A-list porn star (reference Vivid Girls).
Did you see that bird? She is fit. Where?...oh yeah, she's vivid.
by blitzMono February 1, 2009
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the act of compressing some air inside the ear using your hand while you're high
"What's the thing John did that made him dizzy... kinda like covering his ear?"
"You mean the vivident?"
"That's it!"
by pencilutiliser October 14, 2018
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a lot more vivid, or a lot more apparent
after tonight my imagination will be a lot more vivider
by A J January 20, 2008
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the noun version of the word vivid

also, a fun word to say
"Look at the vividity of that brick wall!"
by dragon1037 February 18, 2009
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. . . hey what does vivid mean?

. . . it means like hardcore or something

... hardcore?;. . . oh okay
by VivaLaBrandi August 12, 2008
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