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A word or phrase which, when uttered aloud, is sure to cause offense or a fight, especially a vulgar ethnic epithet spoken to a member of the group to which it refers.
"Then he said the Magic Word and the fun started -- five minutes later that bar was wrecked and someone's head had been pushed into the deep fat fryer. We left just ahead of the cops, the firemen, and the ambulance."
by anarcissie May 22, 2008
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(noun) In mid-20th-century hipster lingo, any situation or environment, but especially a socially coherent one, like a party, job, meeting, show, demonstration, riot, etc. Thus to "make the scene" meant to arrive and be at an event, etc.
"Fuck this scene -- I'm gonna split."
by anarcissie May 28, 2008
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To annoy someone, especially about something they're concerned with or sensitive to, usually in a specious or humorous manner, just for the sake of annoying them. A real-world form of trolling..
'I proved to Bubba that Black people were superior to White -- it was all b.s., but I wanted to yank one's chain a bit.
by anarcissie November 8, 2015
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(adv) beyond postmodern; exceedingly or terminally hip. Often used ironically.
"You're so post-post, why don't you go deconstruct your mother's combat boots?"
by anarcissie May 28, 2008
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Another spelling of treif: not kosher, religiously unclean. Often used metaphorically.
"His stuff is treyf, he cuts too many corners."
by anarcissie May 16, 2008
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(adjective and noun) In reference to a political or cultural movement, an organization, an association, or a category of criminal. crime, deviance or dissidence: the essential and dedicated members or actions who will not be dissuaded by threats or punishment and who will go all the way in pursuit of their aims; those who hang tough; winter soldier. Sometimes spelled as two words. Often the kind of thing is understood, for example "hardcore" instead of "hardcore porn".
"Hardcore pornography."

"Al-Qaeda's hard core will not be dissuaded by the bombing of the communities in which they are based."

"Sacco was a hardcore anarchist; he never wavered in his professed beliefs, even when they put him in jail and condemned him to death."

"After the cops visited the commune the day-trippers left and only the hardcore people remained."
by anarcissie May 21, 2008
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"Those prep-school boys were having a round pound when the housemaster burst in. They were petrified (except for their dicks) but he just wanted to join in."
by anarcissie May 28, 2008
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