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A word or phrase which, when uttered aloud, is sure to cause offense or a fight, especially a vulgar ethnic epithet spoken to a member of the group to which it refers.
"Then he said the Magic Word and the fun started -- five minutes later that bar was wrecked and someone's head had been pushed into the deep fat fryer. We left just ahead of the cops, the firemen, and the ambulance."
by anarcissie May 21, 2008
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Children, or evidence of children such as toys, children's clothing, etc., obviously resulting from someone's use of his pecker.
'When I sold encyclopedias door-to-door back in the day, I would always look for pecker tracks on the lawn to know which houses to hit.'
by anarcissie June 02, 2013
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(verb) To nag or annoy someone, especially in order to motivate them to do something. (noun) Someone who does this.
I hate to be a noodge, but you're going to have to do some work today.
by anarcissie April 22, 2008
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(verb) To throw away, get rid of, fire (an employee), shut up (get rid of what you were talking about). Also shitcan.
"Can that crap -- we've heard it all before."
by anarcissie April 04, 2008
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(noun) A person who displays insufficient fortitude or toughness in a difficult or uncomfortable situation; by extension, a person or thing which is inadequate to the purpose at hand. Can be turned into an adjective by adding -ed ("candy-assed"). Frequently heard in the military.
"He was too much of a candy ass to do a hundred push-ups and run ten miles before breakfast."
by anarcissie May 28, 2008
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To alter or adjust accounting or other records ("books"), evidence, statements, etc., usually fraudulently or unethically, in such a way as to make them take on a different meaning or appearance.
"That company is actually bankrupt, but they are going to cook the books to make it appear solvent."

"Joe's experiments all failed, but he cooked the records and now everyone thinks he's a genius."

by anarcissie May 17, 2008
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Also with quotes: "'Dead' is dead", "'dead' is 'dead'", etc. The theory that in postmodernity nothing is ever out of fashion, anything from the past may come back, 'everything old is new again,' etc.
'He is such a post-post 'dead is dead' freak he thinks Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post covers are totally hip.'
by anarcissie May 02, 2011
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