When a man has sexual intercourse with a woman, he requests or physically suggests that she assume a kneeling position before him pre-climax. He then ejaculates upon her face, aiming for the nose, cheek, and forehead, and retrieves an American styled "confetti popper" from a garment pocket or nearby cabinet/nightstand. He then recites a line from the movie "The Patriot" and yanks the cord, initiating a facial spangling of red, white, and blue confetti.
When he gave Angela "The Patriot" this time, he said, "Aim small, miss small!"
by Peter Tolosa September 05, 2012
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when your doing a girl in the butt, punch her in the back and bust on it...bruise is blue, blood is red, and bust is white
i punched this girl real hard while i was doing her, she had a patriot for a weeks
by pat May 06, 2004
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a sexual action that requires a horse. While doing a girl up the butt you slap her across the back so that red and white stripes appear. Then you beat her left shoulder until it is black and blue. When you both are done you rip her backskin off, jump on your horse and ride away victorious waving your makeshift american flag.
Man, my friend actually tried the patriot on his girlfriend last night and the bitch ended up in the hospital.
by Sean Glennon October 27, 2007
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Whilst reciving a blowjob, the woman (or man) giving the head must be holding a pair of sparklers. Preferably out to the side as to keep sparks from burning the reciver. Note: only relevant on the 4th of july.
Man she burned my leg while giving me the patriot the other day..stupid short arms.
by Sev711 July 05, 2011
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P. Pay
A. All
T. The

R. Refs
I. In
O. Order
T. To
S. Succeed
If your self concious about eating junk food on Super Bowl day, just remember: it’s the patriots cheat day to
by Yeetus yeetus fetus deletus March 04, 2019
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Wiping your ass while still wearing your pants.
That guy just pulled the patriot and wiped his ass while still wearing his pants
by Pauley Revere October 14, 2020
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