A person who support the right of a certain group to have their own independent country.
The Brexit movement has shown the rise of British nationalists.
by Hamstergamer August 28, 2019
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I, sir, am a nationalist. I observe your skin is not red, white and blue! You are thus inferior!
by DefiantBorder August 26, 2003
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One who believes that an ethnic group should be ruled by their own kind, not a foreign government
If it were not for nationalism, Germany would still be in about 20 pieces, and Austria would be a major world power
by Dillon Farnum March 20, 2005
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Anybody willing to tote the banner of their respective country, believing that they are a patriot, but have forgotten about the ideals and instead become engrossed in political name calling. Somehow endowed with superiority over others because he supports his country and everybody else is foreign.
Nationalism cause World War I and will cause the problems of the USA if it continues down this path.
by The Omnipotent Seal March 29, 2003
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Someone who has no concept of personal identity apart from how it relates to outdated ideas about race and ethnicity, and believes that these factors are somehow crucial. Of course, the term "race" is of little important genetic value, and pure races have existed either in history or prehistory, but don't tell them that.

Despite the idiotic nature of these backwards beliefs, Nationalists can be quite intelligent and back up their views with erroneous facts to support them. These are Darwinian and/or Nietzscheian in flavor.
Nationalism is a foolish, immoral, and dangerous ideology.
by Killing Kittens May 17, 2005
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An individual that believes in the preservation, protection and progression of his culture, peoples, religion, state and seeks to better said group while preserving its core identity, ethnicity, culture, way of life, traditions, beliefs etc.

Examples; civic nationalist, religious nationalist, ethno nationalist
Is it so bad to preserve my own peoples and identity? If that makes me a nationalist then so be it!
by Aeternum Imperium Potesta July 11, 2018
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People not intelligent enough to look beyond borders.
by dodojen September 4, 2003
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