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A citizen of one of the united States who loves his country.

Commonly, "love your country" is incorrectly interpreted as "support your country's government regardless of what it is doing". This is also, consequently, the type of person that people mistake a patriot as.

A true patriot loves his country to the extent that he will work to change it or point out what his country's government is doing wrong.

Most patriots wish to change the government to run the way the constitution describes it should.
Wow, Dave is against the Patriot Act, the Real ID act, and a whole bunch of unconstitutional laws. He must be a patriot.
by DaVx0r August 24, 2005

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A overpriced stupid cookie shaped like a goddamn bear.
"I can't get this fucking bag of teddy grahams open because they package the thing shut with fucking superglue." Said Joe
by DavX0r September 26, 2003

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A lady who walks around stores such as pick n save with the sole purpose to collect pennies.
I just threw a penny at the penny lady and she picked it up.
by DaVx0r October 08, 2003

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An autoexecute file named by joe that causes a sound effect to play when the OS is loaded. Also a word that makes stan laugh...Silly Asians!
"Auto Execute Fart.bat" said joe
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA" lauged stanley.
"JOE!!!" yelled mrs. Wilber
by DavX0r September 26, 2003

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