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A hugely overrated fighter who earned his fame by fighting guys on the street who had little or no fighting skill whatsoever. Kimbo "Kevin Ferguson" Slice made an attempt to start a career in MMA in 2007, getting basically a free ride to the top, starring in the main events of giant MMA promotions against, at best, mediocre fighters.

Kimbo's last "street fight" and only lose took place in a gym against Massachusetts police officer Sean Gannon. Kimbo fans made excuses for Kimbo's loss, claiming Gannon used illegal tactics during the fight, which was a street fight where no rules were stated to begin with. The fight got enough press that Gannon was offered a one fight contract in the UFC against Brandon Lee Hinkle.
Gannon was thoroughly dominated and embarrassed during the first round of the fight, and lost via technical knock-out due to strikes. Hinkle was then later released from the UFC after losing his next two fights in a row. This raised serious questions about the actual fighting skill of Slice.

Kimbo was signed in 2007 by the new MMA promotion EliteXC. After accumulating a record of 3-0 by beating bottom of the barrel fighters like Bo Cantrell and Tank Abbott, Kimbo was supposed to face Ken Shamrock October 4th, 2008. Shamrock was on a five fight losing streak, and sadly was probably Kimbo's biggest test yet. Shamrock was forced to withdraw due to injury (cut above his eye). Kimbo reluctantly agreed to fight a much smaller and fairly unknown fighter in Seth Petruzelli, for a pay increase to $500,000. Petruzelli was a former UFC fighter and Ultimate Fighter participant, but surprisingly was immediately marked as a large underdog to Slice.

Kimbo's trainer, former UFC champion and MMA legend Bas Rutten, was interviewed later and said that he had warned Kimbo about Petruzelli's karate background and striking skill. His advice to Kimbo was to keep the tempo slow at first until they were able to see how dangerous Petruzelli was. Kimbo refused to touch gloves before the fight with Petruzelli in his typical unsportsmanlike manner, and the proceeded to completely ignore Rutten's advice and charge in like a bull. Petruzelli defeated Kimbo via technical knock-out 14 seconds into the first round.

This fight spelled immediate controversy, as suspicions of foul play came to rise soon afterward. Many die hard Kimbo fans ironically claim that Kimbo was paid to throw the fight, which largely destroyed his MMA career and the promotion he was signed with. Excuses for the loss also came in the form of Petruzelli getting lucky, and blaming the referee for an early stoppage. Petruzelli also reported in an interview that EliteXC officials had hinted that he should keep the fight standing, instead of going to the mat, where Kimbo was by far the weakest.

In a win-win situation for UFC President Dana White, White signed Kimbo to be a contestant on the tenth season of the Ultimate Fighter reality TV show. If Kimbo loses on the show, Dana White will just say that he knew Kimbo would lose all along. If Kimbo wins, White will exploit his ridiculous star power to pull millions of fans (and dollars) to the UFC. White has been one of Kimbo's biggest critics, claiming that he is a joke and ruins MMA's image.

Even if Kimbo is able to prove these critics wrong and show that he can compete at the top of MMA, his career will most likely be short lived, as he is already 35 years old. More likely, The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 will be Kimbo's last attempt to resurrect the unprecedented hype that surrounded him in 2007 before he hangs his gloves up for good.
Kimbo Fan: "I can't believe Kimbo Slice lost to that pink haired white boy!"
Real MMA Fan: "Are you serious? Kimbo is terrible. It was just a matter of time."
Kimbo Fan: "No he's not he's the best MMA fighter ever!"
Real MMA Fan: "I might agree if every other MMA fighter on the planet were to die of a sudden death."
by RobTheReef July 12, 2009
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Originally a word used to describe someone who takes pride in being a citizen of their country. Most recently used to keep down anti-war activists by accusing them of not loving their country because they don't want to send innocent men and women to their deaths for unjust cause.

After being called a non-patriot, it is very likely the person will also be called a terrorist as well. Ironically enough, so-called "terrorists" would be probably be considered patriots by their own people.
If you're not a patriot who wants to kill people, you're a terrorist who...wants to kill people?
by RobTheReef July 12, 2009
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A religious persons way of exonerating themselves of all responsibility, and all guilt that may result from the consequences of the choices they make.
Alex: I can't believe you ran over a little kid, you shouldn't have been doing coke while you were driving.
Jacob: Maybe not but you know that's just God's will.
by RobTheReef June 29, 2009
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The infamous Kankle Lock is an extraordinary technique that a fat girl/woman uses in which she locks onto a guy (possibly intoxicated) at a party/bar/event, until he eventually submits and has sexual intercourse with her.

The Kankle Lock can also result in a Kankle Injury. In which it is not only possible, but easier to be submitted by Kankle Locks in the future.
Rich: "Man Chuck I can't believe you just had sex with that whale."
Chuck: "I couldn't help it brother. She got me in that kankle lock, and I had to tap."
by RobTheReef July 04, 2009
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1. Typically a term for professional fighting, but can be used in any fighting situation. Occurs when an individual literally "let's their hands go" and throws punches without thinking about any of them.

2. Going off pure punching instinct.

3. Puttin' a MF'er down.
It was a pretty close fight but you let your hands go and he was done in three seconds.
by RobTheReef November 17, 2009
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A resume presenting your slightly embellished skill set, just like on a real resume. Which typically takes the form of a letter to someone to explain to them why you are so perfect for the job.
Sergey: Larry remember how I sent out all those pseudoresumes when I had that idea about the new way to find anything, in the entire world?
Lawrence: Yeah, what about them?
Sergey: ...I really stuck it in their ass didn't I?
by RobTheReef May 21, 2010
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To blatantly cheat within any form of competition enough to seriously hinder your opponent, but not enough to be disqualified. The Bispinger then must go on to win the match afterward. In this situation, the victim of this assault has been properly Bispinged.

Also, the user of the Bisping assault (the Bispinger) needs to celebrate in such a fashion as a person who had won fair and square would have. This is necessary in order for a full Bisping to take place

The definition is derived (affectionately) from the actions of MMA fighter Michael Bisping during his fight with Jorge Rivera.
Dude #1: "Did you win your MMA fight bro?"
Dude #2: "Nah. My opponents corner man drugged my water before I went out. I passed out five seconds into the first round. Nobody even threw a punch"
Dude #1: "Oh shit seriously?"
Dude #2: "Yeah. Guy ran around the cage after I dropped like he had KO'ed me. I got Bispinged hard son"
by RobTheReef February 27, 2011
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