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A person who doesn't know his ass from his elbow about most of the things he talks about, but insists on trying to prevent the American public from seeking the truth for themselves as a means to get them to assume that his propogandic ramblings about subjects that a 5-year-old could demonstrate a better grasp on than he does are accurate.

After watching only a few of Bill's shows, I detected an unmistakably strong scent of bullshit coming from my television}
by D-Shiznit May 30, 2005

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A real patriot is someone who loves their country enough to speak up when they see something that needs to be changed; not someone who blindly assumes that their government knows best and is always right no matter what.
I am a patriot in the real sense of the word, not the post-9/11 "if you don't kiss our government's butt you're not a real patriot" sense.
by D-Shiznit August 16, 2007

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A Small community of people who live in trailers.

Contrary to popular stereotype-driven belief that all trailer parks are full of white trash losers, there are plenty of perfectly decent blue collar people who live in them that, for one or another set of circumstances, can't afford to live in a regular house.
There are plenty of low-lives who live in houses just as there are plenty of good people who live in trailer parks.
by D-Shiznit August 31, 2007

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Yahoo! Answers is a site wherein only politically correct questions and answers that don't offend even the easiest people to offend are allowed and where if you aren't a slave to their anal retentive guidelines you are treated as an outcast and your account is eventually deleted.
The Yahoo! Answers staff need to pull their heads out of their butts because they delete questions and answers (and even accounts) without even paying much attention to whether they genuinely deserve to be deleted.
by D-Shiznit August 12, 2007

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A marginally effective drug that has a bad rep because commonly used by parents who should have worn a condom because their parenting skills are marginal at best, and as a result they drug their kids to keep them in control instead of just keeping them in line.
Dipshit Parent: I put my kid on Ritalin because I'm such a fuckwit that I would be up shit creek if I had to rely on my parenting skills.
by D-Shiznit July 01, 2005

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The apparently foreign concept (at least in the the U.S.) that people should work hard to get the job done no matter how much they're being paid.
If people in this country had better work ethic, we wouldn't have to outsource and the illegal immigrants wouldn't be "stealing" jobs from us.
by D-Shiznit November 12, 2006

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1. A man who has, or claims to have a large penis (usually used as an inaccurate self-description).

2. Someonee who is wealthy.

Used largely by ignorant people who have to try to use big words to make them feel smart, even if they don't know what the words mean.
Person A: Don't be all trying to clown and shit nigga; I's endowed, so you best recognize, bitch!

Person B: Whatever it is that you THINK you're endowed with, it's obviously not an extensive vocabulary. And by the way, what does endowed mean anyways?

Person A: Dude! You's ignant! Endowed means I got a big dick!

Person B: No, that's incorrect word usage; endowed means being gifted with anything, not just a big dick you fuckin' ignoramus.
by D-Shiznit June 27, 2005

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