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A real patriot is someone who loves their country enough to speak up when they see something that needs to be changed; not someone who blindly assumes that their government knows best and is always right no matter what.
I am a patriot in the real sense of the word, not the post-9/11 "if you don't kiss our government's butt you're not a real patriot" sense.
by D-Shiznit August 16, 2007
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False information which is made out to be true by the media, or any other group of bullshit artists, including police officers. Although as a rule, propogandists spread their brand of bullshit intentionally, some people are so ignorant and hard-headed that they honestly beleive their own bullshit.
The show "COPS" is a load of propogandic bullshit that tries to make it seem like police are the good guys (as if they needed a further ego boost) and crimes, especially violent crimes, are only commited by black people, when neither is the whole truth.
by D-Shiznit June 25, 2005
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An instrument of death. Kills people around the smoker even quicker than it does the smoker, but the smoker apparently is too self-centered to care who dies as long as it isn't him/her, even if it's their own baby.
Smoker: Cigarettes don't do me THAT much harm.
Me: Maybe not, but secondhand smoke is twice as bad for someone else as the smoke is for you.
Smoker: But that's the whole point! I'm killing someone ELSE. I don't care who the hell dies from my cigarette smoke as long as it isn't me.
Me: Yeah, typical smoker attitude.
by D-Shiznit June 30, 2005
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1. A man who has, or claims to have a large penis (usually used as an inaccurate self-description).

2. Someonee who is wealthy.

Used largely by ignorant people who have to try to use big words to make them feel smart, even if they don't know what the words mean.
Person A: Don't be all trying to clown and shit nigga; I's endowed, so you best recognize, bitch!

Person B: Whatever it is that you THINK you're endowed with, it's obviously not an extensive vocabulary. And by the way, what does endowed mean anyways?

Person A: Dude! You's ignant! Endowed means I got a big dick!

Person B: No, that's incorrect word usage; endowed means being gifted with anything, not just a big dick you fuckin' ignoramus.
by D-Shiznit June 27, 2005
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The apparently foreign concept (at least in the the U.S.) that people should work hard to get the job done no matter how much they're being paid.
If people in this country had better work ethic, we wouldn't have to outsource and the illegal immigrants wouldn't be "stealing" jobs from us.
by D-Shiznit November 12, 2006
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On the top of the list of American oxymorons, the only aspect of reality that it accurately portrays the American value that you have to be a backstabbing piece of bastard to survive in corporate America just like in shows like Survivor.
Reality TV is the fakest piece of shit ever broadcasted on TV. Except for all the backstabbing and the complete willingness to sacrifice friendships in the name of being self-centered and obsessed with winning something that isn't really worth the price, which is, unfortunately a very real part of our country.

See: Professional Sports
by D-Shiznit June 28, 2005
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