A very leftist Hollywood documentary filmmaker who also writes some books. He has been accused by many of telling lies in his movies but I tend to believe that he is overall honest because he is an Eagle Scout.
If I could ask Michael Moore one question it would be if he makes any tax deductions.
by rustyshackleford December 11, 2007
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A filmmaker who is the absoute master at making gullible people think the way he does.
Brainless Chump: Did you see that movie about George Bush by Michael Moore? Did you know that George Bush was personally responsible for 911. You better vote Democrat.

Me: Uh, you know those same terrorists tried to blow up the World Trade Center during the Clinton administration right? And that Clinton did absolutely nothing about it?
by Alfie The Horndog October 18, 2005
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A large obese liberal idiot, who looks remarkably like a frumpy middle-aged lesbian.
Wow, is that an ugly, frumpy, fat, middle-aged woman, or is that Michael Moore?
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 8, 2006
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Guy- Why do people hate Michael Moore so much?

Guy2- Because they're simply American.
by NiggersDontHate March 26, 2008
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Either you love him or hate him, the fact is, michael moore makes movies that Americans and especially the right-wing media don't want to talk about.

Bias aside, the topics discussed in his movies are very important, but people have to be cheap and call him "fat" when that has nothing to do with anything.

Person 1: Did you hear that there are talks on the gun legislation and how to make it stricter?
Person 2: Let's not talk about it, I'm happy the way things are, don't listen the Michael Moore's propaganda.

Person 3: I just heard that our health-care system is flawed and that 45 to 50 million legal American residents can't afford health care including the volunteers who risked their lives in 9/11.

Person 4: Shut up! I don't want to talk about it, let Bill O'Reilly or Stephen Colbert talk about it.
by Richard Leeper May 1, 2007
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A very nice man, who owns the movie theatre where I live; in traverse city michigan. And every summer he hangs out on the front street strip, eager to meet local people and give motivation to those beginning the journey of American-work-to-live-low wage- slavery.
"Theres Michael Moore hanging out in our town, Traverse City."
"I see Michael Moore on the streets every summer."
"Michael Moore does not have to attend a hourly waged slaving job because he made movies."
by Michael Waulk November 29, 2007
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Succesful liberal filmaker, who's made various critically acclaimed films such as the Oscar-winning "Bowling for Columbine", which drew attention to the USA's vast amount of guns and gun-related deaths.Also, "Fahrenheit 911", which made the basic and obvious point that George W Bush is an evil cunt. Moore has also written bestselling books, such as "Stupid White Men" and "Dude, Where's My Country?". His next big film project is entitled "Sicko", and is concerned with America's backward healthcare system.
Michael Moore has been described as:
"Savagely hilarious...angry, side-splitting" - Irish Times
"Caustic, breakneck, tell-it-like-it-is" - Observer
by Ev vO August 2, 2006
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