n. one who feels has concern for one's country
Michael Moore is a patriot
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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a weapons system devised by the us of a to blow the hell out of anyone who smells slightly arabian.
Man:wow, did you see that iraqi passenger plane that got blown to pieces by a patriot.
Woman:you're such a cliched Man.
by George Dubbya October 4, 2005
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I am an idiot who has never been outside of my country, and I only know about other nations by watching CNN. I'm sure you all understand, because I am just a typical American teenager who spends more time playing games on the computer and less time reading books.
I apologize to all those I viciously insulted, because I am stupid, loud-mouthed, mannerless, disrespectful of the opinions of others, ignorant, bigoted, and blinded by the political lies of my country.
by a patriot June 3, 2003
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a righteous child who, while clearly more intelligent than the usual jingoistic flag-waver, has indeed been taken in by the political lies of the american government.
free speech in the usa? not in my lifetime, or yours.
by dave13 July 17, 2003
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The act of brown-nosing to a country. (See butt-kisser)
By being patriotic, he doesn't have to pay his taxes.
by Detranova July 28, 2003
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bleeding- or dying to defend our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS of free expression, freedom to worship GOD, freedom to own property, freedom from government meddling, freedom to life from conception to natural death, freedom to remain silent when accused, freedom of innocence until proven otherwise, freedom of association, freedom of DISassociation
patriotism is the willingness to give of one's self completely for others to experience the awesomeness of America under God
by IBleedForCountry July 31, 2011
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Used to describe a conservative American incaple of thinking critically. These people consider it a compliment for some reason.
Bubba is very patriotic, which is good because it leaves more room in his skull for his uncle's whammy to fit.
by nomorebushpleasegodnomorebush December 12, 2003
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