What Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney franchise says during the bad ending of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All. In said ending, he never sees his assistant and friend again after his guilty client got acquitted.
Phoenix: The miracle never happen... Maybe it wasn't supposed to... Because a miracle is something that doesn't exist
by Darth EEEEEEEEEEEE March 02, 2021
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Used on primarily forums/online games.

The author normally feels inferior because of what OP posted, and so, to regain his pride he asks for a screenshot to prove if the event is true.
fag1: i didn't pirate my games, they're all backups.

fag2: screenshot or it never happened

fag1: i aced TT with only a glock
fag2: screenshot or it never happened

fag2: screenshot or it never happened
by bangfish September 21, 2009
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How every black person starts out a story. It may be a lie, so watch out if you hear this shit.
"Hey Tony, why you look all tore up and shit?"

"Damn man, you would never guess what happened..."
by jaydub8907 December 17, 2007
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A situation where an individual has big crush on someone, but they realize that they can never actually date them for numerous reasons. Some people get over it, but others never actually recover from it because of how much they cared about that person. Some reasons are the person being out of their league, the other individual already being in a romantic relationship, the individual is aromantic, that individual is not romantically attracted to them, etc.
Chester: Hey, Lexy. How are you doing? We have not heard from you in months.

Lexy: I am doing okay; although I am kind of sad about Devin.

Mariah: What happened?
Lexy: I had a crush on him, but I realize could never actually date him because he would probably reject me due him being way out of my league and I heard a rumor that he is seeing someone else. It’s a love story that never happened.

Chester: I can see why that upsetting, but maybe if you wait things might change. They might breakup down the line and if you took chance and asked him out maybe then you might be able to date him.

Lexy: Thanks for the advice. I might try that.
by Vanguard 1998 July 02, 2021
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Gretchen and her friends were hammered at the bar last night "which never happens" being facetious for happens all the time.
Gretchen says I got way too drunk last night which never happens
by Dwilliams66 October 18, 2020
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A phrase used After being caught out cheating on an exam. Caught Red handed cheating but you continue to deny it to the point of believing your own lies.
The headmaster of my old college caught me out but I just told him that never happened. He won't believe my lies but I dont have the guts to admit the truth. Does that make me a weasel? Who cares im not even sorry.
by Kempt September 17, 2020
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These six words can be described into one word - clickbait.

They guarantee millions of views from people with 1.5x more IQ than the producer at the smartest. They try to trick low-IQ viewers (which there are a lot of them) into thinking that they are smart.
A car crashed, but you'll never guess what happens next
by Power476 December 17, 2020
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