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Emergency Care Provider/s or Emergency Care Physician/s, which the idea is similar to that of a Primary Care Provider, or PCP, except in this case it is used to any doctor/s who are overseeing your care while you are receiving medical attention to address a medical emergency
The ECP overseeing Hannah’s treatment to address the injuries caused by a car accident she was in is Dr. Grimes.
by Vanguard 1998 August 23, 2021
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Aka. G.C.R.I. or just generational consistency, When the religious beliefs of an individual match their parents, guardians, and or grandparent’s religious beliefs. The more generations from the same family who have the same beliefs, the stronger the generational consistency is.
Lynda: Hi. I’m Lynda. I noticed you are new to this temple, so I figured I would introduce myself.
Jordan: I’m Jordan. I just moved here from Detroit, Michigan. So how long have you been involved in this temple?
Lynda: I have been involved in this faith my whole life. I have generationally consistent religious identity. Four different generations of my family, previous to mine, have gone to this temple.

Jordan: That is a long line religious devotion in one family. Very impressive.
Lynda: Indeed, it is. Thanks.
by Vanguard 1998 March 17, 2021
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1: The ability of an individual to be able to tell what their romantic partner is thinking and how they’re feeling both physically and emotionally, which allows them to better address their partner’s needs and desires. This often helps to build and maintain a strong romantic bond between the partners; and facilitates more intimacy between them.
2: The ability of a person to read other people they know to figure out who they might be compatible with and or who they are likely attracted to, assuming they have not already told you. Having a strong social political sense in addition to this could be helpful in being able to accurately use this skill.
Cameron: I think Lily likes Timothy.
Xaldin: What makes you think that?
Cameron: Whenever they look at each other they seem to smile and over the past month when they get lunch, they always sit next to each other in the cafeteria.
Xaldin: Yeah, now I see what you’re saying. You seem to have a strong romantic sense.
by Vanguard 1998 June 13, 2021
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Aka. P.P.R.P.; When an individual is only romantically attracted to people who wants and or has pets
Vanessa is only interested in dating people who have pets because she believes it shows they can handle some responsibility, are compassionate, and considerate. She has a pro-pet romantic preference.
by Vanguard 1998 April 2, 2021
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A tactic employed by certain politicians and groups that want to push their political agendas where that group or politician will say and or do certain things related to supporting or opposing specific issues in order to get certain types of reactions from particular populations, interest groups, and or, in some cases, other politicians. They usually do this to get more votes from different populations in society, or to get more financial and or political support from particular interest groups.
Natasha: I heard Senator Murkowski recently gave a speech on how they supported efforts of oil companies to begin drilling in certain parts of Alaska. I’m not sure why she would give a speech like that when she supports moving the country towards using renewable energy sources to prevent climate change, which negatively impacts many populations in her state. I could cost her their support down the line.
Ronald: She maybe employing selective political pressure in order to get more support from certain oil companies and specific Native American communities by appearing to support an issue they care about.
by Vanguard 1998 July 9, 2021
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1: An expression used to describe how a specific romantic couple has progressed in their relationship over time
2: A phrase used to refer to how the processes from which people get into romantic relationships and or marriages in a specific culture have changed over time
Quintin: How are you and Denise doing these days?
Winston: We’re doing great. She has gotten comfortable enough with me to start talking to me about her past, some of the problems that have been affecting her family, her religious beliefs, and so on.

Quintin: In terms of your romantic evolution, it sounds like the two of you have gotten really far in your relationship in the past eight months.
Winston: Me and her have definitely made a lot of progress during that time in regards to our romantic relationship.
by Vanguard 1998 June 12, 2021
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An ethical rule that states that before an individual can start calling out other people for making discriminatory comments or performing biased actions against minorities, the individual must first acknowledge and deal with their own implicit and explicit biases, as well as effectively manage their emotions, so they can lead by example. This includes recognizing biases that are not typically viewed as being part of social justice. (That means you must confront biases like Privilege of the Living and Political Identity Privilege.) It is recommended that when calling someone out over biased comments or behavior that you try to so in a calm and polite manner, so they are less likely to feel attacked, and to avoid supporting the stereotypes about social justice supporters spread by some far-right wing political commentators. Basically, if you expect other people to listen to you and change their behavior in order to be less biased, then you have to be willing to deal with your own biases and privilege and control your emotions.
The social justice two-way expectation rule is an important ethical responsibility for any person considering standing up to discrimination, because if you don’t deal with your own biases first, then a lot of people will ignore you due to the fact you don’t practice what you preach. Failing to deal with your biases prior to calling someone out can also negatively impact the views of social justice in other people as they may see the movement as being just being all talk, without producing any real results.
by Vanguard 1998 March 12, 2021
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