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An individual who performs activities, which the laws of the area they are committed in classifies as being illegal, in a manner that is more ethically acceptable than most other people who commit the same offense.
Some individuals who can be viewed as being ethical criminals are a storeowner from Oakland California who, on the night of February 15, 2021, fired a gun at two individuals that were attempting to rob a woman across the street from their store, robin hood, and Flores, an operator in Rainbow Six Siege who steals from wealthy crime lords in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Los Angeles, California and gives the money and resources they stole to the poor.
by Vanguard 1998 March 11, 2021
A legendary ghost that is said to have lived in the Hanging Hills in Connecticut. (Please be aware the area is named after the terrain found in the area, as far as I'm aware of no hangings have happened there.) According to the legend, if you see it once, it is a sign of joy and good luck. If you see it a second time, it is a warning. If an individual sees the dog a third time, it considered to be a death omen. It is thought by some to be responsible for the deaths of six people, including two U.S. geological surveyors in the late 1,800s who didn't respect its previous warnings because they assumed the legend was a myth even though both supposedly had seen the black dog prior to meeting their demises. In a way it could be argued that the Black dog of the Hanging Hills is a symbol of power for the dead and individuals who are trying to stand to the U.S. government because of their inconsiderate actions against various populations.
The story about the Black Dog of the Hanging Hills was originally published the Connecticut Quarterly in 1898. It was originally thought to be piece of fiction, but that has been debated for a number of years now due to the author's background, the story's original title, the number of people died in the Hanging Hills, and various other things related to the story.
by Vanguard 1998 February 15, 2021
When either you and or your partner makes food, or the two of you go out to a nice restaurant, and you and your romantic partner eat the meal together, by yourselves so you can enjoy each other's company and have a nice time together without being disturbed.
Natalie: How are you and Alexandra doing?
Zuko: We're doing pretty well. I took Alexandra out to Stoneforge for a romantic dinner last night; something we have not done in three to five months. We enjoyed it a lot.

Natalie: Good to hear.
by Vanguard 1998 February 28, 2021
Abbreviated: R.B.I.; An approach to investing where an individual offers to invest, or donate, money, resources, and or provide information to a business or organization, but before the organization can get anything from the investor, they are given some objectives by the potential investor who expects them to make significant progress towards completing them and or complete some of them by a certain point in time before they are willing to invest or donate in their organization or business
Results-Based Investment can be a very useful tool for various individuals and or organizations working to promote social change in society, because it allows them to pressure certain businesses and organizations into taking certain stances on specific social issues and or change policies that are harmful and or unreasonably discriminatory against certain populations.
by Vanguard 1998 March 8, 2021
An approach used by individuals who have very strong political beliefs for forming and maintaining their social circles. Basically, an individual will only be friends with people who are the same political identity and beliefs as them. The same holds true often times when they are deciding whether or not to date a particular person. This approach often causes the people who use to have a very strong political favoritism towards a specific political party and or political ideology. In some cases, they develop a strong intolerance for other political ideologies and parties, which sometimes can lead to unnecessary violence towards other individuals and societal groups who they perceive as having a different political ideology then their own.
Kelsey: Am I the only one that think its odd that all of Chuck's friends are Republicans?
Anna: Yes, I noticed that too. Its kind of strange if you ask me.
Emily: He is probably using the Political Alignment Association Approach when dealing with his social circle, because I know he is a very far right Republican and he does not seem to like me due to the fact I support feminism.
Anna: You should be careful Kelsey. If Chuck finds out you're a Democrat, he may start a yelling match or worse. He has had a history of violence in the past.
Kelsey: I'll keep that in mind.
by Vanguard 1998 February 11, 2021
1: A pet dog or cat that stays near or under the table, kitchen sink, and or kitchen counter while food is being prepared or eaten in the hopes that some will fall and they can eat it.
2: A very skilled gambler with an aggressive play style
That guy at corner of table four is a table shark. They have been winning the majority of the matches they have entered regardless of who they are playing.
by Vanguard 1998 March 17, 2021
Aka. G.C.R.I. or just generational consistency, When the religious beliefs of an individual match their parents, guardians, and or grandparent’s religious beliefs. The more generations from the same family who have the same beliefs, the stronger the generational consistency is.
Lynda: Hi. I’m Lynda. I noticed you are new to this temple, so I figured I would introduce myself.
Jordan: I’m Jordan. I just moved here from Detroit, Michigan. So how long have you been involved in this temple?
Lynda: I have been involved in this faith my whole life. I have generationally consistent religious identity. Four different generations of my family, previous to mine, have gone to this temple.

Jordan: That is a long line religious devotion in one family. Very impressive.
Lynda: Indeed, it is. Thanks.
by Vanguard 1998 March 17, 2021