Most people think the phrase "get over it" means to "forget

about it." If I were to forget about something in life then I would bash my head wild open with a big glass of bottle wine to erase my memory so that way I can't look back.

When we say "get over it" we are saying "Don't let the past ruin your life" or "Stop living in the past and stick with the current event."
Friend: My ancestors were the victims of Halocaust

Me: That was the past, get over it.

Friend: But I don't wanna forget about it.

Me: No, I meant don't let the past screw up your life.
by PepsiMonday December 18, 2010
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That one game which makes your left/right hand really sweaty, as well as your mouse.
Boi: Oh boi, we got to getting over it! We are getting over the Orange Hell! (Adrenaline kicks in, hand and mouse are sweaty as fuck)
*Makes a mistake*
Boi: *smashes computer, fires his house on fire*
by Overwatch comp is still broken February 24, 2018
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A torturous game made by a person known as bennet foddy."Getting over it" is a game where you climb a giant mountain with a hammer.This game was released on october or something on the humble monthly bundle on a random website.It saves all your progress and your failures which is really fucking annoying because when the controls are as shitty as the life support of a dead person it makes people rage like alot.To sum it all up if you want a game that makes you want to punch it in the nuts,kill yourself,get depression for the rest of your life times 1000 this is the game that you want to play or send to your enemies or something idk.(Side effects may include lack of sleep,Depression,Heart attacks and a 90% guarantee that you will smash your computer and throw it out the window)
I would rather listen to bass boosted justin bieber voice cracks for 5 hours instead of finishing getting over it.
by Fuck my ass and call me mary November 24, 2017
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A general term used to indicate someone attempting to take advantage of someone else or play them in a scam, be it something simple, like beating one to a parking space, or complex, like criminal fraud.

Past tense: got over on

Not to be confused with "get over" oneself spoken to a pretentious person.
Your boss is trying to get over on you. He just took that report you spent three months writing, erased your name and put his on it. Looks like he'll get a big bonus for it.

My former tenants really got over on me. They stopped paying rent, so I had to take them to court and evict them. It took months and cost me tens of thousands of dollars in lost rent, hiring a lawyer, and repairing the damage they caused. Meantime they lived in a three bedroom house for only two months' rent.
by Hot East December 29, 2012
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Something you play in class when bored, it can also be used as an expression
by WayyBah March 31, 2022
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Not to be confused with "get over it," to "get over" is 70's African American slang for getting through the hard times. The opposite of "going under," when a person gets over they manage not to fall apart when things are bad.

In a more simple use, "getting over" occasionally was used to mean dealing with bills/taxes and getting out of the red.
"We gotta get over before we go under." James Brown

"United we can get over, and yet we're still apart." Willie Hutch

Sentence: "There's nothing I won't do if it means getting over for another day."
by A Lone Jazzman December 3, 2011
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