The most amazing girl you will ever meet! She doesn't think much of herself but everyone around is jealous of how beautiful she is! She is a good girl but likes to make jokes and laugh! She may be shy at first but she will be a loyal bestfriend when you get to know her! She doesn't have to look far for a boyfriend because he will come along and treat her like a princess and he will give her anything! Usually dates a guy that can go by a few names or has a unique name! When she finds this guy, she will never have to worry about a thing because he will take care of everything!
Wow, look at Gretchen isn't she amazing?
Yea, she's the kind of girl I would give anything to just to see her smile!
by Airdan June 20, 2013
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Gretchen is a very unique name. Gretchen loves to embrace her name. Gretchen is funny, kind, and a very loyal friend. She is also very smart too.

Gretchen is shy, but once you get to know her, she is the sweetest, smartest, prettiest and most of all, CRAZIEST person you will ever meet. Is you ever see a Gretchen make sure you will be her friend. Gretchen is really strong and will never cry in front of her friends.
Wow! Is that Gretchen over there! I want to go be her friend!
by pingpongtheregoesthetable November 22, 2019
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If u know her u know her she is always smiling and laughing. She is bold and brave and won’t back down easily. She is loving and caring and cares a lot about her friends and will defend them with all of her heart. also she can put up one hell of an arm wrestle.
If you have a Gretchen in ur life keep her.
by R-Man-Dude-Dog November 16, 2019
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An amazing girl but most have not discovered her yet. She is funny, smart, usually blonde, sexy, loves God and jesus, hangs out with tons of guys and loves to watch scary movies at home with her boyfriend, and enjoys music tremendously, she also is amazingly beautiful!!!!
Do you see that Gretchen over there? Dang she is amazing!
by xoxo<3xoxo January 14, 2009
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She's the Hottest thing in town! Everyone wants her because she is so dang good looking, but also the funnest person to hang with.

You'll be the envy of every guy when you are with her, especailly because she has a huggge butt that every guy wants!

An AMAZING kisser and girlfriend!!!! Shes the best if you like hardcore make out sessions or just sweet loving kisses. If you have a Gretchen...NEVERRR let her go!

Cool, gorgeous, funny, lovable! Gretchen is also the best friend you could ever ask for and would do anything for you. She'll will always keep you laughing! She has the best smile and is always loving life and making sure everyone is happy :)
Shes all around perfect, doesn't get any better than Gretchen!
I love Gretchen so much, she is just so amazing and gorgeous!
by Lover5550 February 19, 2011
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Someone Who Likes Toast. She Demands All Your Toast. Give It To Her.
This toast is mine, dont' be a gretchen! >:O
by uhhuhitsbatmann November 29, 2009
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A mythical creature. It was wings and lives under the ground, the eyes of the beast are noted to be watery.

May be used to express your mood if you have tired eyes
I feel like a Gretchen tonight
by sleeping donkey June 19, 2010
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