To obtain that which was lost
I regained all my confidence that in lost after the baseball incident.
by Dr. Aarben November 10, 2014
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a roblox bloxburg youtuber that created the bloxburg orange farm
regain riot is a very cool youtuber
by regain riot February 25, 2021
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To regain your virginity one must go back to the one you lost it to. And have sex with them in reverse once this is done you are 100% reborn a virgin.
Oh yea you know that girl with the fat ass. yea I lost my virginity to her last summer and recently pulled the virginity regain on her ass #virginlife
by Bootytickler109 May 14, 2019
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when rachel uses a hair brush she does not lose her virginity card
regain virginity la
by wagwanable August 22, 2019
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