To destroy an enemy team in an online game.

Specifically, the entire team on your own.

For lesser degrees of victory, see: owned pwned
Wait, did I just take out the entire team? ACED!
by Martha F. Stewart December 31, 2005
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The past tense of the word ace. It means, 'to put a murder contract on' or 'to have killed'.
"I hear Paulie had his ex-girlfriend aced. Turns out she was gonna go talk to his wife. She was too smart for her own good."
by sam2880 May 1, 2008
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to get extremely high especialy on heroin but can pertain to any drug or alchohol.
I wanna get aced but I cant find my rig
by LôKí™ March 22, 2005
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A term created in Counter Strike meaning 1 person fraging (or killing) 5 or more people.
"Dude, check out this guy!"
"He just aced us with a Deagle in 1:32!)
"Daaaaaaamn thats good.)
by swoopdawoop July 26, 2009
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The past tense of the verb "to ace".
To ace is either a) to teach a person not to mess with you by manipulating them into an embarassing situation or humiliating them, b) to make fun of them until they get angry, or c) to prank, degrade, and make fun of a person in a thorough manner.
Holy shit, that guy's house is totally aced! Eggs all over that shit!

Did you see the look his girlfriend gave him after I exposed his pr0n? Aced!!
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anal surprise; to be caught total surprised while getting pwned at the same time; to be blindsided and served at the same time
Getting a surprise anal rape from a black man in a dark alley.. you don't see him coming till he smiles. you just got aced
by nriver November 20, 2008
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