To do a Phoenix Wright is to turn something around; mainly in an argument.
Me: So, did you have a go at him for stealing your girlfriend?
Callum: Yeah, but he "Phoenix Wright"ed me, and now I'm the bad guy.

Me: I was getting whinged at by my parents the other day, but I did a Phoenix Wright. As a result, they apologised and gave me a tenner.
by Sublime With Alex August 15, 2014
The iconic defense attorney from the Japanese video game series ''Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney''. He's known for frequently and unnecessarily screaming ''Objection!''.
Judge: Good m-
Phoenix Wright: OBJECTION!
Judge: But I didn't even-
Phoenix Wright: OBJECTION!
by StrangeMagic March 17, 2013
Phoenix Wright is a rookie defense Lawyer on the game series Phoenix Wright on the Nintendo DS(Ace Attorney, Justice for all) (Trials and Turnabouts) etc. He is noted for his spiky black hair, brown eyes, and blue suit and red tie. He is the hero of the games.

He is noted at Cosplay conventions as walking around shouting OBJECTION!
Edgeworth: Phoenix Wright, your hair reminds me of a constipated hedgehog.
by btardia February 4, 2008
(Named "Ryūichi Naruhodō" in the Japanese localization) A then-rookie fictional defense lawyer and the main character in Capcom's Ace Attorney video game franchise. Wright is the titular and main character of the first three games, one of the main characters in the fifth, sixth games, the Professor Layton crossover title, the anime, live action movie and manga adaptations, and one of the supporting characters in the forth game. His first name is a reference to the phoenix and his ability at turning the most hopeless court trials in his favor.
Mr. Phoenix Wright. I grow tired of the foolish foolery of the foolish fools of this foolish country...
A restaurant selling burgers.Founded by "The Wright Anything Agency".

It's a burger done "Wright".
Friend:Hey, where do you wanna eat?

Me:Theres a Phoenix Wright Burgers nearby, lets go there.
by ARandomEggThat'sACatboy April 30, 2022