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A person who is aromantic does not experience romantic attraction. A person who is aromantic does not have to be asexual (a person who does not experience sexualitet attraction), and they might still experience sensual and aesthetic attraction.
Sarah is an aromantic bisexual. She feels sexual attraction to two genders, but does not feel romantic attraction
by StrawburryA December 17, 2014
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Aromantic(aro) is the lack of romantic attraction. Someone who is Aro isn’t inherently Asexual. An Aro person can be bisexual aromantic or aroace. Aros still experience platonic, aesthetic, and sensual(not to be confused with sexual) attraction.

The flag is green, light green, white, grey, black
Katrina came out as aroace at her party today. I cam out as Homosexual aromantic.
by Soft.boi™️ November 28, 2018
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some people who APPARENTLY don't exist but REALLY do and should be apprecIATED AND CARED FOR and validated because we are real smh can you not

People who do not feel romantic attraction and arent heartless monsters okay can we get this straight there is so much upsetti in my spaghetti, sweaty
Person 1: I would like to date Person 2.

Person 3: They won't be interested, they're aromantic).

Person 1: Oh, okie dokie I understand.
by nugget fucker 600000000 August 24, 2017
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Not experiencing romantic attraction. Not the same as being asexual, which means experiencing no sexual attraction. Aromantics can still be in a romantic relationship, they just do not experience an attraction towards their parter.
Kam does not want a romantic relationship. They are aromantic.
by Soren February 15, 2017
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A term used to describe people who don’t experience romantic attraction to anyone of any gender. Aromantic people (also known as “aro”) may still experience sexual attraction.
“Do you know what aromantic means?”
“Yeah, it’s when you don’t feel romantic attraction to anyone.”
You’re right!”
by ‘líto May 31, 2021
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