The most beautiful girl you will ever see. She might think she's ugly, but that's obviously not true. She is the most sweet, kind, and caring angel you will ever find. And if you do something to piss her off, she ain't afraid to tell your ass off.

She's the kind of girl to have a crush on tons of people, but isn't the kind to go around and date all the ones she can get. If you get to the point where she has feelings for you, you are the luckiest man/woman/person in the entire world. If you ever get a Lexy, you better treat her right and be careful with her, otherwise you'll get a broken nose in the end if you don't.
Chris: Who's your girlfriend?
Jesse: Lexy, obviously.
Chris: Who the hell is that-
Jesse: *shows the cutest mother fookin picture of her*
Chris: Damn, she's mine now
by oofafolese November 3, 2018
A loving fun girl who follows her dream. Lexy is fun and caring for those around her and highly obsessed with natural and learning new things about the world. A Lexy is very optimistic and never gives up on people and the stuff she believes in. Lexy would never cheat and is so heartful she would never even consider doing it. She also is very good at sports and has nice boobs
Lexy is a caring, beautiful peacemaker and adds beauty to the world.
by Realfish123 December 1, 2018
Lexy is a funny, attractive girl she is very confused at moments but always finds a way to understand. When she likes someone she sticks to that person and eventually gets rejected. She thinks very down about her looks even though she gets called pretty. She wants to do a lot of things but most of the time she's to scared. But other then that you would be the luckiest person in the whole world to have a lexy, she is also very pretty and athletic, she will try anything to make someone feel better but normally she makes it worse. When she hangs out with you and is acting weird it's because she really really trusts you and thinks your one to be in her life forever. She wishes a lot of things but they never come true, and she's often ignored and gets very side track. She hates A LOT of people but loves the other ones. If you have a lexy you should be careful to not mess up and let her speak her mind to you and if she's mad at you let her tell you off, then text her later apologize and everything will be good again, also she believes most things people tell her so be careful of that. I think any guy lucky enough to have lexy if perfect for her because you haven't lost her yet. :) (also she's a great kisser)
Emma: who's ur best friend
Bella: lexy
Emma:lucky I wish I knew her she's so pretty and she tough and ain't afraid to drop someone she don't like
Bella: yea and her boyfriend is very lucky too!
by Haha meeee;) December 3, 2019
Lexy, a person who is finding this site hilarious
Lol, lexy is finding this funny
by kevinchandler03 May 13, 2019
Lexy is a loving, sweet, kind, and caring girl. She is always there for anyone. It doesn't matter if they were best friends or enemies, Makayla will be your shoulder to cry on. However, she is depressed. No one could imagine the things she has gone through. She fakes a smile daily and puts everyone before herself. She constantly gets told she is beautiful but she just doesn't believe it.
Hey, I’m Lexy and I am the one to go to make everything better but sometimes I need that type of person to.
by Unknown🤩 October 2, 2018
"Lexy" is the name of a girl who lives in the United States...

Who finds all these definitions of her name pretty funny.
"Hey, Lexy! How are you this morning?"
"Fine, how are you, Nick?"
"Just fine, thanks for asking."
by Lexy Lion March 8, 2017
Completely fashion addict...with style.
God! This boy is so Lexy like!
by Pi August 22, 2003