An acronym for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

An sub-group of Radical Feminism that believes trans women aren’t women, and thus should be excluded from the feminist movement. They believe that transgender women are all predatory men trying to invade women’s spaces, and that transgender men are all confused lesbians who have been hurt by the patriarchy. Most of them refer to trans women as “trans identified men.” They say they hate women being defined by their genitals, yet genitals are the basis of all their anti-trans arguments. Ironically, they use the same logic misogynists do to defend their arguments. TERFs exclude infertile cis women and cis women who have had a hysterectomy.

TERFs are usually serious misandrists. Other feminist groups dislike them because they make feminism look crazy and full of hate. TERF and radical feminist are not interchangeable, and inclusive Radical Feminists hate being called a TERF.

Other common TERF ideas include:
- Being a SWERF (Sex-work exclusionary Radical Feminist)
- Men cannot be feminists
- Anti-Religion (Usually Islam and Christianity)
- Using the Labrys Lesbian flag
- Many, many other stupid things.
by ALPHABETTERR January 16, 2023
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Terf stands for trans exclusionary radical feminist/feminism, that describes self proclaimed feminists that go against trans and non bianry people.
Terf: I am an adult human female, these trans women want to take my rights!
Other person: trans women dont want to take your rights, they want to exist, terf.
by jazz161 November 13, 2021
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True Earnest Real Females
Trans folk tend to really hate these people not because they are inflicting violence against them, but simply because they are honest with themselves and how they see things.
Normal human: What did she do?
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An abbreviation of "trans exclusionary radical feminist"

Someone, usually a white cisgender woman, who believes trans women shouldn't be a part of feminism or included in feminist movements because they don't have female reproduction systems or primary sex characteristics.
Terfs often belive that transgender women are all predatory older men, and that transgender men are all confused teenage girls. In the act of excluding trans women from feminism, they also tend to exclude infertile cis women and cis women who have had a hysterectomy or mastectomy.
Terfs also tend to fit themselves into swerf (sex work exclusionary radical feminist), gender critical, and misandrist identifications
Rebecca: Ew, he's such a genderist troon
Amy: her pronouns are she/her you terf whacko.
by Plague! July 18, 2022
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Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

Feminists who live in the 19th century and do not recognize trans rights
- Trans women are not women. They are men wearing dresses
- You’re such a TERF. Go buy yourself a life at Walmart
by Mucca January 26, 2019
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Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, no, we are not calling you it just because we want to silence you. We're calling you a TERF because you're being extremely transphobic by constantly calling trans women "biological men" when you don't really have to do that.

(to any trans peeps reading this, y'all are valid)
TERF is a slur used to silence you? I wish it worked, shut the fuck up.
by floridaFargone August 12, 2021
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Me: I thoughts she said she was a feminist?
Them: Not really she’s just a TERF
by QueeneBlade April 13, 2022
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