Removal of one or both a females breast due to breast cancer.
Emily: omg, why doesn't Sandra have any tits?? freak!
Morgan: Emily, stop being a bitch! She has breast cancer. She needed to have mastectomy surgery to remove her tits.
Emily: ohh, sorry Sandra. =/
by crazyyyyyychic November 4, 2007
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A form of breast reduction or removal. Usually performed by an unlicensed surgeon using a machete in a dark room with no anaesthesia.
You can watch how to perform an involuntary mastectomy on your girl if you pick up Tears of the sun.
by Solid Mantis June 14, 2018
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Sure if you want to throw that in, fine, but we haven't even gotten to that point yet. The precondition hasn't been met.
Hym "Mastectomy? Sure, what about one? The precondition needs to be met but if that's something you're just handing out we'll keep that in mind. 🤔"

Iam "It's not that I'm unwilling to leave. It's that I'm unwilling to let them do this to castigate people out of society at a whim. The next guy might not be as patient and might not waste his breath on threats. The next guy might have a lesser constitution."

Hym "It's like leaving a gun in a chimpanzee cage. They won't know the danger until it's wielded against them."

Iam "My mind is as sacred to me as your kids are to you and the people who started this were perfectly willing to use my family against me. But I use their family against them and somehow I am the one who crossed the line?"
by Hym Iam June 14, 2022
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